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Save $300 on the RadRover 6 Electric Bike When You Shop Today

E-bike rider in a grassy field with flowers with a RadRover 6 Plus.
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Spring is a wonderful time to ride. Whether you’d like to enjoy the season touring the countryside or you’re looking for a dependable, heavy-duty electric bike for your daily commute and you want to find the best electric bike deals, check out the RadRover 6 Plus, the latest version of Rad Power Bike’s flagship model, is available on a limited-time deal. You can buy the RadRover 6 Plus on sale for $1,699, $300 off its normal $1,999 list price when you use the Discount Code SAVE300, but the deal ends at midnight on May 8.

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If you’ve been following electric bike developments for the past several years, you know that Rad Power Bikes was one of the earliest U.S. e-bike brands. Rad sells folding bikes, city commuters, cargo bikes, and adventure bikes. The RadRover is one of the most powerful and most popular models. Last year we rated the previous version, the RadRover 5, as one of the best fat tire bikes you could buy, and Rad bikes are perennial favorites in best electric bike roundups. The RadRover 6 Plus, the electric bike now on sale, incorporates updates and upgrades that add significant value, from the new 750-watt geared hub electric motor on the rear wheel hub to the automatically activated halo headlight, taillight, and brake light. The Rad’s 26-inch fat tire with integrated tire liners is puncture resistant. Fat tires help e-bikes maintain stability regardless of the surface plus they add to rider comfort on bumpy or rough roads and paths. The RadRover 6 Plus also has a front suspension fork and an ergonomic seat that add to rider enjoyment and comfort.

Rad Power Bikes’ approach to electric power is to use it for range and torque to get up steep inclines. You can mix your ride on the e-bike in three ways: Pedaling only with a 7-speed Derailleur, pedaling with five levels of battery assistance, or hand drip twist throttle control to run on battery power only. Even if you would rather do the work yourself, the extra boost from the battery can help you start moving faster from lights and stop signs or provide additional support when you’re pedaling up hills. The RadRover 6 Plus is available in high step and step-thru styles. The step-thru model is available with a charcoal or white frame and the high step version is in charcoal only. The step-thru model is rated for appropriate use by persons from 5-foot 2-inches to 6-foot 2-inches in height and the high step model from 5-foot 4-inches to 6-foot 2-inches. Both are rated to carry up to 275 pounds including the rider and any extra gear.

Don’t hesitate on this one because Rad Power Bikes doesn’t have sales all that often and a $300 savings on this latest Rad stalwart electric bike is a significant price cut. If you order before midnight on May 8, you can save $300 off Rad Power Bike’s regular $1,999 price for the RadRover 6 Plus and buy it for just $1,699. Just be sure to use the discount code SAVE300 in order to get the discount.

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