Our Favorite Snow Goggles from Oakley will Get You Ready for Slope Season

oakley winter sunglasses and snow goggles
If you don’t know Oakley brand sunglasses and goggles, where have you been the past 20 years? Beloved throughout the world for its expertise in sporting eyewear and immediately recognizable through its unique color choices, patterns, and frame styles, Oakley is first choice for many professional athletes and amateurs alike.

And, since ski and snowboarding season is in full swing, we thought it prudent to round up our favorite snow goggles and winter sunglasses from Oakley available right now. From inexpensive goggles for the bunny slope boys to precision goggles for those double-black diamond divos, Oakley’s got a pair of eyewear for you all.

For the Novice

favorite ski snow goggles oakley airbrake prizm usoc blazing eagle goggle  250

O Frame 2.0 XS Snow – $50

With an optimized fit for smaller faces, these goggles are perfect for the shorter guy or teen, and features anti-fog coating and impact resistant Lexan.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley o frame 2 0 xm goggle  90

O Frame 2.0 XM Snow Goggle – $90

These goggles are for the guy who works up a good sweat while on the slopes. Built with triple layer face-foam that wicks away perspiration, this pair will stay stuck, no matter how gross you get.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley canopy prizm  180

Canopy Prizm – $180

With this pair, Flexible O Matter frames form to your face while Oakley’s O Flow arch allows for unrestricted airflow. These goggles are great for the claustrophobe.

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For the Expert

favorite ski snow goggles oakley airbrake prizm usoc blazing eagle goggle  250

Airbrake Prizm USOC Blazing Eagle Snow Goggle – $250

The large-fit Airbrake Prizm is designed for easy interchangeability of lenses and clear peripheral vision, meaning you won’t miss that rogue stump sticking out at the edge of the run.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley flight deck torstein horgmo prizm goggle  210

Flight Deck Torstein Horgmo Prizm Snow Goggle – $210

With anti-fog coating, optical correction, and space for your own eyeglasses if you wear them, the Flight Deck Torstein not only provides visual clarity, but a dose of winter style with the snowflake patterning on its super-comfortable straps.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley fall line factory pilot white out prizm goggle  200

Fall Line Factory Pilot White Out Prizm Snow Goggle – $200

Oakley’s Fall Line Factory Pilot White Out Prizm goggles have all the technical specs you want in a sleek, minimalist, package that is more reminiscent of a modernist cabin interior than a pair of ski goggles.

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For the Apres Skier

favorite ski snow goggles oakley cross range r prizm  183

Cross Range R Prizm Snow $183

Just because you’re not on the slopes doesn’t mean you don’t deserve stylish, protective eyewear — snow is bright no matter where you are. This pair of Cross Range R Prizm Snow Sunglasses sports Plutonite Lenses, offering UV Protection that filters out 100 percent of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley cross range shield prism  183

Cross Range Shield Prizm – $183

Live out your fantasy of being an East German bad guy in a 1980s alpine action film with the Cross Range Shield Prism glasses. The lack of nose piece affords a wider range of view; the front is made almost entirely of the len (just a like snow goggle). It also just looks badass.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley frog skins lite

Frogskins Lite – $113

The most fashion-forward of all our picks, Oakley’s Frogskins Lite sunglasses feature wayfarer frames with the added benefit of Oakley’s technically brilliant Plutonite lenses.

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Accessories on Sale (Up to 50-percent Off)

favorite ski snow goggles oakley main 911808 86v factory neck gaiter dark brush 001 120350 png heroxlsq

Neck Gaiter 2.0 – $15

Only newbs leave their necks exposed. Original price: $30.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley packable duffle

Packable Duffle 26 L – $17.50

Haul your ski pants, parka, goggles and more in this inexpensive, durable, and packable duffle. Original Price: $35.

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favorite ski snow goggles oakley latch socks

Latch Socks – $14

Not only do these latch socks have a fun pattern, that look is also useful. According to Oakley, the pattern is reflective and “helps increase visibility in low-light conditions.” Original Price: $20.

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If these aren’t enough options for you, you can always check out the top snow goggles of 2017 and an anti-fog coating, then check out our six favorite places to ski in 2018.

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