Epoch Lacrosse Releases Limited Edition Gold Dragonfly 7 Lacrosse Stick

U.S. Design and Technology company Epoch Lacrosse has been equipping lax-ers with quality equipment since they began in 2011. With keen attention to detail and knowledge of what’s important in regards to lacrosse equipment design, Epoch Lacrosse has released the next of kin in their Dragonfly series of lacrosse sticks: the Dragonfly 7 Gold.

James Miceli, co-owner and founder of Epoch Lacrosse, told Inside Lacrosse that the Dragonfly 7 is by far their most advanced design. “By using the latest materials and technology,” Miceli told IL, “we’ve constructed a shaft with exceptional design consistency and top-grade material to provide players with a quality product.”

Epoch is always searching to understand the deeper workings of lacrosse, and they’ve showed this in manufacturing their product through a vertical integration system in the U.S. This allows the company to have complete and utter control of the production process, beginning in research and development. So, it should come as no surprise as to why they’ve been so successful in producing such high-performance products.

The Dragonfly 7 features gameplay enhancements like Epoch’s torque-box technology, as well as their Intelligent Weave, or carbon fiber composite, which was designed to create a lightweight handle that will keep your hands stable and push energy toward the head of the stick while passing or shooting.

Not only are these lacrosse sticks built with the best technology on the market, Epoch Lacrosse has weaved some of their Dragonfly technology with a little bit of limited edition steez, equipping the D7 with a gold colored shaft. These gold shafts were created to commemorate the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Final Four in late May — and unfortunately, the Dragonfly 7 C60 Gold size is sold out.

Luckily for you, though, the Dragonfly 7 C30 Gold is still available on Epoch Lacrosse’s website for $140.

Images Courtesy of Epoch Lacrosse