Seriously Cool Desk Toys for the Kid in All of Us

Forget fidget spinners — these seriously cool desktop toys can keep you entertained for hours and you’ll still look (mostly) like an adult playing with them. Just don’t forget that you’re actually supposed to be working.

For the Builder

What’s better than using your imagination to build cool things? Basically, nothing. Relive your childhood building block days with a decidedly grown-up toy. The Cosmos Satellite Kinetic Desk Toy from Huzi Design is a beautifully constructed, five-piece wooden puzzle that can be assembled in a variety of ways to create your own custom satellite. (Toy satellite of course —this thing will only be going to space in our minds).


For the Scientist

With words like “vortex,” “physics,” and “Magnus effect,” the Halospheres desktop toy satisfies so many of our nerdy science curiosities. The steps to get the Halospheres spinning are simple; he science behind it, not so much. But none of that matters once you get them moving at 3600 RPM. The highly polished, stainless steel spheres come with a base plate and special straw that allow you to get them rotating in place, eventually reaching maximum velocity. Shine a light onto the spheres to create the finishing touch: a glowing double halo that seems to hover over the plate. The sleek finish of the pieces means that even when your Halospheres aren’t in use, they are still a stylish accent piece for your desk.


For the Car Enthusiast

Candylab Toys Wooden Toy Car Stinger

You loved playing with Micro Machines and Matchbox Cars as a kid. As an adult, you take great care to keep your ride looking fresh. So why not take that passion to your breaktime with a Wood Toy Car from Candylab Toys? Bring out your inner child as you vroom-vroom the cars across your desk. With everything from a race car to a police cruiser (perfect for those high-speed chases), these high-end, solid wood cars with real rubber wheels can keep you endlessly entertained (provided you get your work done first).


For the Fidgety

If you just can’t let go of your fidget spinner, at least try stepping up to the adult version. The VORTECON is a kinetic toy that has the power to hypnotize, making those long hours at your desk fly right by. Set it spinning and it creates a continuously flowing helix. These toys can be stacked to devise a revolving tower or held in the palm of your hand, giving you the fidget spinner satisfaction you crave. Still in Kickstarter phase (although the campaign is already full funded), these toys will be available in brass, stainless steel, or copper, adding a sleek touch to your desk space.


For the Clock-Watcher

magnetic sand hourglass

If you’re going to mindlessly watch the minutes tick by while at your desk, you might as well have something really cool to stare at. The Magnetic Sand Hourglass from UncommonGoods is mesmerizing. The magnetized ferrous sand creates a round, spiky pile in the bottom of the glass rather than your typical, boring, even sand pile in a standard hourglasses. Bonus: Use your own magnets along the side of the glass to pull the sand out into creative shapes.


For the Old Schooler

Nothing beats the classics, and no desktop toy is more classic than Newton’s Cradle. See his Third Law in action and relax to the soothing sound of the metal clanking together. There are countless versions of Newton’s Cradle available online, but we are really digging the simple wooden frame of this one from Arbor Scientific.