No Strings Attached with the Best Wireless Charging Pads

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where there were no wires at all? All those ugly cords hanging behind TVs and skirting baseboards distract the eye and take away from your perfectly laid out minimalist paradise, arrogantly daring you to try to live without them.

Well, nuts to you, cords, ’cause we’ve got wireless charging now. Check out our picks for best wireless charging pads you can buy today. Some are handsomely made, some practical, and some inexpensive, but all work well enough that taking any one of these home will make you a cord-cutting king and wireless winner.

The Budget Picks

Yootech Wireless Charger – $12
yootech wireless charging pad

Let’s be honest: We have all unboxed new piece of technology only to discover we did not read the fine print and our newly purchased wonder-tech isn’t compatible with our device/system/wireless router. Not so with Yootech’s well-reviewed wireless charging pad. It works with all Qi wireless charging-enabled devices and does it for only $15. You can’t ask for much more than that.

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Choetech Aluminum Wireless Charger – $19
best wireless charging pads choeteh charger

Well-made, budget-friendly, and a tilt-up to boot—Choetech is the triple threat of wireless chargers. It sports a nice steep angle, which means better viewing and less square footage on your desk. The slim, Apple-esque profile is marred somewhat by the side-located power socket, which makes the power cable stick out. But at under $20, we can deal with that.

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Natural Good Looks

IKEA Nordmärke Charging Pad – $18

If you’ve already got a lot of IKEA stuff in your house, then this little guy will feel right at home. IKEA’s Nordmarke Charging Pad is simple: It will charge your phone as long as it possesses Qi wireless charging technology. That’s it. Simple.

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GroveMade Wireless Charging Pad – $79
grovemade wireless charging pad

GroveMade creates some of the best-designed office and tech products of the past few years. We still love the desk shelf system, and the Wireless Charging Pad is one of our favorites thanks to the cork surface (meaning no scratches and no slip for your precious baby) and a cord hiding system beneath the pad (but we’re not sure why you’d want to do that, since it’s beautiful and wrapped in red cloth).

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BROJEN Qi-Certified Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad – $13
best wireless charging pads brojen charger

Prepare to answer the question, “Wait, did you make that?” The smooth simplicity of the BROJEN looks like it was hand-whittled and polished during a Scandinavian furniture builder’s off hours. If your aesthetic is white walls and dripping succulent plants, this is the charger for you. It’s more than just good looks, too. The advanced chipset means it charges any Qi-compatible device 10 percent faster than other 5W chargers.

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Case-Mate Wireless Power Pad – $41

For many of us suffering from smartphone addiction, we just can’t keep our hands off our phones long enough for them to reach the ever-elusive 100 percent battery level. With Case-Mate’s Wireless Power Pad and its clever standing-at-attention design, you can keep chasing the dragon, even while the phone powering up.

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Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad – $20

Samsung’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad is ready to go out of the box and is capable of charging all Qi compatible smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. If the flat version of this doesn’t do much for you, there’s also an inclined option, which let’s you use your phone while charging is in progress. 

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Super Fast

Anker PowerWave 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Pad – $46
best wireless charging pads anker charger

Anker’s WaveBoost technology brings advanced components and a state-of-the-art cooling system to the wireless charging game, juicing up your devices 30% faster than other wireless chargers out there. Its powerful charge zaps right through even your fancy live-edge wooden case. And with over-charge protection, foreign object detection, and radiation shielding, the Anker ensures total safety for your beloved device.

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iOttie Ion Plus Fast Charger – $50
best wireless charging pads ion charger

This charger guarantees charging any Qi device at the highest speed it permits. With an air vent to prevent overheating and fitted with a anti-slip silicone grips, the iOttie is bent on keeping your phone safe. It can even perform double duty, with an extra USB port on the back for additional device charging. We also appreciate the domestic touch offered by the tweed fabric wrap.

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Bezalel Futura X Wireless Charging Pad – $50
best wireless charging pads futura wirless charger

Bezalel bills this 15W charging pad as the thinnest wireless charger in the world, and we can’t find a reason to disagree. With a super-sleek 7mm profile that includes a milled aluminum base and polished acrylic surface, the Bezalel Futura X gets an A in form as well as function.

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Mophie Wireless Charging Base – $40

Optimized for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, and iPhone X, the Mophie Wireless Charging Base offers super high-speed wireless charging with up to 7.5W of power. The rubberized exterior coating of the pad provides a non-slip place for your phone to rest while it’s rejuvenating.

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