Turo Skin: A New Brand of Men’s Skincare

Turo Skin Men's Skincare brand plant based natural paraben free chemical free non-comedogenic renucci personal care body wash lip balm foaming shave cream daily moisturizer night cream acne spot treatment spf 15

Turo Skin passed the “four immediate questions” test I typically give a new skincare brand before spending the time to test it out. First, is it teeming with junky chemicals? Answer:  No. Aside from some of the UV sunscreen ingredients in the daily moisturizer, it’s made from all plant or sea based, naturally derived substances and is free of chemical preservatives (read: no parabens or sulfates, lots of algea extracts) Next, does it reek? Answer: No. It’s a combo of green tea and citrus. Then, does the packaging remind me of my mom? Answer: Not at all. Rather sporty, slick and sophisticated. And, finally—does the name start off with “man-this” or “dude-that.” Answer: No. (Do we really need our shave foam to remind us what chromosomes we were born with?)

That was a little more than a month ago and since then, I’ve added all six of the Turo Skin products to the front lines of the product calvary I have occupying every open space in my room/bathroom. The new men’s skincare brand was created by board certified plastic surgeon John Renucci MD, FACS (don’t let the plastic thing turn you off, he’s not just filling in Botox), who gets the intimate issues guys face when it comes to skin—we’re redder, itchier, flakier, oilier and larger pored than those in the fairer sex.

He’s been working on the Turo formulations for ten years (!!), starting because he couldn’t find the kinds of salubrious products he could recommend to his male patients. Ok, so ten years ago things were a little different in the world of men’s grooming (there’s plenty of very good brands that’ve emerged since then), but it really is a hard-copy statement of the doctor’s commitment to finding the perfect solution for men. And his good work has paid off with a line of products that I have no doubt stand out with the best of them, and will be sticking around (though, after 5 weeks, I need some refills).

So, a little rundown for you…

The 3-in-1 Shower Cleanser (shampoo, body and face wash) would be for those of you often in a rush—it won’t dry your hair or clog the pores in your face and is made with anti-aging and moisturizing algae extracts, green tea and abyssinian oil.

The Multi-Active Foaming Shave Cream also exfoliates and is made with anti-inflammatory (licorice extract) to ward off annoying razor burn (also other nourishing nutrients like sea moss and yeast extract).

The Daily Moisturizing Lotion and Sunscreen (SPF 15) is non-comedogenic (its broad-spectrum formula doesn’t use pore clogging sun blockers) and lightweight but uses the magic of licorice and sea mayweed extracts to calm irritations, making it good to use, post-shave.

The Regenerating Night Cream, contains retinol (a prescription vitamin A that’s really good at fighting the signs of aging and sun damage) and a cabal of other anti-agers and skin soothers. (This one’s my favorite)

The Protective Lip Balm (SPF 15) goes on matte and doesn’t taste like your girlfriend (actually, more like shea butter, which you’ll find inside).

The Acne Spot Treatment, I was shocked, actually works (great for ingrown hairs). To get to the roof of the problem, it uses lilac cell culture extract and salicylic acid, which sounds scary, but really comes from the bark of the willow tree. And avocado extract to keep your sebum in check.

The line just launched and as of now, only available via their website at turoskin.com.


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