Try the Detroit Grooming Co.’s Kitchen Sink Grooming Kit

try the detroit grooming co s kitchen sink kit

We’re sure many of you have an idea for the perfect grooming product in your head, but for some reason, it’s just impossible to find. That’s what happened with the guys over at Detroit Grooming Co. The product line “for a man of the times” started with a search for “a superior product.” “With an eye on the environment, we promise to bring you the best available ingredients without further endangering rare flora or fauna, all the while giving a man what he deserves, a superb product,” reads its website.

Not sure what to buy out of all of Detroit Grooming Co.’s creams, washes, waxes, butters and pomades? Want to try before you buy? We recommend picking up the Kitchen Sink Grooming Kit. It comes with small sizes of a number of the Michigan Company’s products, including the pomade, beard butter, moustache wax, tea tree shampoo and body wash, lavender shampoo and body wash, peppermint shampoo and body wash, Corktown grooming oil, Downtown grooming oil, Mackinac grooming oil, Orchard Lake grooming oil and Cedar Springs grooming oil. Plus, it also comes with a stainless steel credit card comb and bottle opener. Once you get the kit, you can experiment and see which products you like the best. Have a business trip or wedding to travel to? Fill your toiletries kit with something from the kitchen sink.

Why just try one product when you can try them all?

The Kitchen Sink, $59.95 at