Sex Panther: Time to Musk Up

sex panther cologne
Straight out of Brian Fantana’s secret scent stash, Sex Panther, the infamous cologne from Anchorman, has finally broken free from the silver screen and hit store shelves in the real world. It’s an actual product you can buy now, and from what we hear, it’s made with bits of real panther in it, so you know it’s good. …Ok, not really. PETA would be all up in their business if that were the case. But in all seriousness, they’ve done studies on this stuff – real, clinical trials to determine if it’s safe for use on humans – and in those studies they discovered that 60 percent of the time, it works every time.

It’s pretty much exactly like it was in the movie, except for all that stuff about smelling like a dirty diaper filled with Indian food, or pure gasoline, or a turd covered in burnt hair. The cologne’s aroma is actually rather pleasant – somewhere between Cool Water by Davidoff and Armani’s Acqua Di Gio.

Sex Panther is definitely a formidable scent, but unlike the cologne in the movie, this stuff isn’t made by a fragrance company named Odeon. The real-world Sex Panther is actually made by Omni Consumer Products: an entertainment licensing and product development company that takes fictional products from popular movies and makes them real. In addition to Sex Panther, the company also makes Brawndo, the energy drink from Idiocracy, and the pink bar of soap from Fight Club.

You can pick up a bottle of Sex Panther here, or find more ridiculous movie products on Omni’s website.


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