Don’t Go Bald: Take Care Of Hair Loss While You’re Young

Rocking a chrome dome is all good, when it’s your choice. But, let’s face it, most dudes don’t want to go bald.

For some, hair loss can begin as early as 18 years old. The good news is you don’t have to sit around waiting for yours to fall out. As it turns out, the earlier you start taking care of your thinning hair problem the stronger your hair will be.

It’s true, genetics play an important part in determining hair loss. But, it’s not the only factor. Your environment and how you take care of your hair and scalp will also play an important part. While, there is no definitive age when you can start losing your hair, getting an early start caring for it properly can prevent shedding and baldness. By taking action before your hair is circling the shower drain, you’ll keep baldness at bay.

  • Eat a diet rich in healthy proteins like legumes and nuts. And look for supplements containing Biotin along with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants like Phytophanére from Phyto Paris.
  • Be mindful. Hard times like going through a divorce or dealing with a job loss can cause hair loss. Luckily, this too shall pass. By managing stress the hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. Actively work on reducing your anxiety with meditation and exercise.
  • Stop pulling your hair out. Aggressive towel drying, over combing, hot blow dryers, chemical filled styling products and tight fitting baseball caps can all cause hair loss. UV rays and chlorine can also do a number on your hair and scalp. Be gentle.
  • Protect and strengthen your hair with the right shampoo. Phytologist Absolute Energizing Shampoo can help with all kinds of hair thinning situations, whether it’s temporary, chronic or severe. Use it two or three times a week to stimulate hair growth and you’ll notice visibly thicker hair.
  • Treat your scalp. Take advantage of the scientific breakthroughs on the market like Phyto Paris Phytologist Exclusive Scalp and Hair Concentrate. Apply this serum just after gently towel drying your hair, three times a week for three months. It’s a drug-free, botanical, leave-in formula that can slow down thinning and promote new hair growth.

The key to preventing hairloss is just that: prevention. With these tools and a gentle-touch, you can hold on to that head of hair forever.