Smell Better: A 4-in-1 Shower Gel That Can Help

Molton Brown Sport Sportswash 4-in-1 soap shampoo face wash conditioner shave gel luxury designer

Maybe you’re a guy who wants to just wash and go, or maybe you’re one of those who likes to take pampering to another level…either way, here’s something you’ll both find of use. Molton Brown Sport is a body wash, face wash, hair and shave cream…but above all, it’s a multi-function sports wash that actually does the job (and more) of it’s promissory “4-in-1” subtitle and does so with some luxuriant charm.

One of the main ingredients, Cassia bark—commonly referred to as cinnamon, helps increase circulation in the body. This quality makes it a great scalp cleanser and also a great post-work out muscle soother (note: it’s not a major tingle, but just enough). It also adds a bit of shine to your hair for all you Jon Hamm’s out there. The non comedogenic formula is gentle enough for your face and, surprisingly— gives really good shave, even though the clear gel lathers more like a body soap than something intended for a shave. We can attribute the excellent razor gliding to something called guar gum, which does a great job at softening hair and, subsequently the skin on your face.

Molton Brown excels at scents, so it’s no surprise SPORT’s scent is unique and sophisticated (read: this is not AXE). The wash smells naturally zingy-lime fresh and while it’s no replacement for a follow up scent it lingers close to the skin to a pleasant deodorizing effect should anyone happen to get all up and close to you. We’ll go ahead and say here’s a soap you’ll want in your hands when you’re in a rush and off to an elegant affair.

When you realize all the clutter it obviates from your bathroom (face wash, shampoo, body wash, shave cream), is it worth the $24 price tag? Actually, yeah.

Molton Brown Sport ($24 / 6.6 fl oz) at