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Kill Your Sweat: A New Possible Way

miraDry Sweating Sweat underarms armpit solution
In a nutshell—sweat sucks. And not just in the dog days of summer when you’re either currently sweating or covered by a sticky layer of dried sweat, courtesy of your office’s overzealous air conditioning system. Sweat sucks because it is the ultimate betrayer of men everywhere. “Never let ’em see you sweat,” the old saying goes…because it means you’re scared, bullshitting or just a smelly slob. Sweat is also murderous—we’ve all had shirts ruined by the ominous crusty, yellow underarm stain and sweat can be painful—hello annoying rash.

None good, but there’s a new technology called miraDry that can help, at least in the overactive nether regions of your underarms. It’s a simple and painless out patient procedure that works by blasting underarm glands shut with some electromagnetic energy in two relatively painless, 60-minute procedures spaced about three months apart. Easy (and not dangerous, we’ll get to that), but before partaking, you’ve just got to answer possibly one of the most profound questions of your life: Would you be willing to remove the sweat glands from your underarms if it meant you’d never be able to grow hair there ever again?

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Before giving a knee-jerk response (it’s ok, we immediately said “no” too) consider that the casualty of your pit hair is the one and only side effect to the procedure. Despite producing the most profusely visible effects, only 2% of our sweat glands are located beneath the arm, and test after test done by the FDA and miraDry have shown that closing them up won’t cause excessive sweat elsewhere, like say in your palms or lower back. Thus far, the alternative for guys wanting to nix their sweating issues has been the ongoing, periodic injection of Botox into the armpit—both expensive and possibly dangerous.

We’re not saying that all guys should seal up their under arm sweat glands, but for a small number of men who suffer from overactive sweating—referred to as hyperhydrosis by medical professionals—miraDry offers a permanent and safe solution.

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