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HeadBlade ATX Goes All Terrain

headblades first all terrain shave headblade atx razor
“I wanted to be a car designer,” Headblade founder and CEO Todd Greene says as he hands us his newest product—the ATX all terrain, a razor inspired version of his 2008 Lotus mixed with visions of Lamborghinis and all terrain vehicles.  That much is clear, but turns out he and his design partner Richard Garel instead make top  notch shaving instruments for guys doing the whole bald head thing. “It’s been in development for three years and does much more than just look all terrain.” It’s their first blade to seriously try to zoom past the head-only barrier with a design that IS better angled to also work on your face (and legs if your girl decides to borrow it).

Headblade first made big news back when Time Magazine called their first razor (now deferentially referred to as Headblade Classic) one of the top ten designs of the year 2000. By 2005, the small, finger run device was inducted into the permanent collection at the MOMA.

What’s new about the ATX is that it favors a pulling motion rather than pushing motion  that actually gives you a little more control over the blade. The open back is easier to clean than previous releases and the ATX also features a rubberized finger grip to make the grasp all the more exacting. The razor comes with two four headed blades plus an adapter but you can also use HeadBlade’s 6 bladed head for serious situations. Does it work? The guys with shaved heads  gave it a thumbs up, though it was harder to get used to using on the face. I’m chalking that up to years of classic hand held razors because when I finally did get the hang of it, the ATX left me with a pretty decent shave. Up to you—and it might be a touch early—but actually, a great gift for dads.

HeadBlade ATX ($15) is available at & and comes with two HB4 blades. HB4 (11.97/4 refills) and HB6 ($13.97/4 refills) replacements.

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