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Harry’s Teams Up With Photographer/Adventurer Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin x Harry's Razors

Anyone who reads National Geographic or peruses its feed on Instagram is probably familiar with the work of photojournalist Jimmy Chin a.k.a. @jimmy_chin. His dizzying images are the ones that suggest a fearless photog who will put himself in perilous positions, whether it’s dangling over a precipice or skiing down a vertiginous grade, to get his shot. Chin turns photography into an extreme sport thereby allowing flat-landers (i.e. those of us too terrified to reach such great heights) to live vicariously through him.

On one of his more grounded excursions, Chin was introduced to Harry’s co-founder Jeff Raider. “After meeting on a camping trip, we were really excited to work and collaborate on a campaign together,” says Chin. The photographer didn’t have to look far to find inspiration for his limited-edition designs—the high-visibility ropes (all the better to see in the snow) Chin employs when scaling the world’s highest peaks informed the quartet of vibrant two-tones handles. Those eye-catching shades also come in handy in more down-to-Earth situations, like say, when trying to locate your razor in a jam-packed dopp kit.

Jimmy Chin x Harry’s Razors, $20,

The campaign for the partnership, featuring a daring man making use of one of the bold razors while clinging to a rock face, was fittingly shot by Chin. “Jeff trusted me and a group of friends to shoot it in the Grand Teton National Park,” says Chin. “The end result is something I’m proud of, and excited to share with friends, family and the climbing community.” Whether you’re the adventurous type or height-averse, these bold implements are sure to get you pumped to shave—if not to climb a mountain.

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