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People get ready: Fellow Barber is setting up shop in Detroit

fellow barber barbershop detroit
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Fellow Barber DetroitMotor City has recently been labeled the new Brooklyn, or the Berlin, of the United States. After all, it’s an urban area where artists, musicians, and other creative types can find inspiration and make a pretty great life for themselves thanks to the relatively low-cost of living. Detroit-based brand Shinola has made it its mission to shine a spotlight on the down-but-not-out metropolis, even going so far as to revive the once-iconic “Say Nice Things About Detroit” campaign from the ’70s in an effort to promote a positive attitude toward its home base and support The Green Alley Project, which aims to turn decrepit alleyways into lush, green spaces.

Furthermore, said revival seems to be building speed given Sam Buffa and William Tigertt, co-founders of the regal Fellow Barber, are choosing to open their mini-empire’s newest outpost in the city’s downtown district. “Tigertt is a Detroit native, so we have a natural connection to the city, and we’ve always been drawn to emerging neighborhoods like San Francisco’s Mission District, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and now Detroit’s Midtown District,” explains co-founder Buffa. “Detroit’s Midtown District has a great energy and a vitality that we feed off of.”

Like the other five Fellow Barber locations, the new 1,800-square-foot space — opening on Monday, Feb. 9 — will feature expertly-trained, master barbers who will offer razor shaves and haircuts in addition to a shop stocked with a hand-picked selection of niche fragrances, shaving accouterments, skincare offerings, and a selection of home goods and accessories from brands like Ursa Major and Filson. Interior design elements also include a reclaimed, locally-sourced wooden floor and an apothecary backbar found in Ohio. “We played with mixing ’60’s modernism with a classic look and feel of a barbershop, all while being current and pushing the idea of what a barbershop can be,” says Buffa. “It’s a great place to establish a community hub where our customers can congregate to socialize, chill out, and of course, get our services.”

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Katie Dickens is a Manhattan-based beauty and grooming writer. She has held staff positions at Glamour, In Style, People…
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