Call of The Wild Collection from Old Spice

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Smelling like an animal might not be in your endgame plan when it comes time to cleaning, shaving, deodorizing or spraying on some cologne but you also don’t want to give off the aroma of an old man, a woman or like you’ve just left the Jersey Shore (in a mist of aerosol, Axe and stale beer).

So..we’re happy to report that the new Old Spice Wild Collection smells absolutely nothing like the wild animals they’re using as mascots. Built on the success of their first “Fresh Collection” of scents from 2010, The Wild Collection  features some useful scents designed for guys who’re looking to stand out of the crowd without giving off the aroma of ostentation (or cheese). Where as the Fresh Collection bottled the sweet scents of the traveling man—Fiji, Matterhorn, Cyprus, Denali—The Wild Collection harnesses, what they believe, is man’s call of the…well…wild. Our translation—the collection’s scents—Foxcrest, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn— are spiced in just a way to give off the air of business, but not as usual.

Foxcrest suits the man of the day, with the always hirsute mix of woods, musks, green herbs and a dash of citrus. Hawkridge was crafted with date night in mind, mixing rich, red fruits and chocolate with finishing notes of musk and sandalwood. The most versatile of the bunch, Wolfthorn is a pulpy mix of citrus and mango with bases of creamy vanilla and sensual musk. The collection—An antiperspirant/deodorant, a body wash, body spray, after shave lotions and cologne—also comes with a pretty cool viral video situation—another thing besides always giving gentlemen cool classic scents that Old Spice has mastered.

All three scents are available in Antiperspirant /Deodorant, Body Wash, Body Spray, After Shave Lotions (each $4) and an all-new Cologne Spray ($7.99) at, or at your local corner store.

Check out the accompanying videos on the Old Spice YouTube Channel Here.