Barber & Co. Makes Grooming a Lifestyle

barber and co

Barber & Co. is a coalition of full-service barbershops and grooming products for men residing in the Yaletown district of Vancouver, British Columbia. They offer simple solutions for those flaunting sharp contemporary styles as well as the keeping-it-simple, traditional men. In other words, whether you’re the guy sporting a full-beard with a Caesar cut or the one with a baby face and a fade, Barber & Co. has the essentials for whatever lifestyle you fancy.

With a plethora of goods and barbershops in the grooming market, it’s tough to weed out the sub-par from the greats. A good place to start is to find which companies are passionate, transparent, and hold their craft and products to a high-standard of excellence. Barber & Co. does just that with their intimate social club atmosphere, Academy program, and handmade, natural products.

These natural moisturizing ingredients, such as Bergamot Orange and Jojoba among others, are designed to keep your face feeling and looking healthy. Traditional skincare products are crafted with detrimental chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can deplete your skin of moisture and damage future hair growth.

If you live in Vancouver or are visiting and need a fresh cut, make sure you stop by one of their five locations throughout the city. Each shop boasts an eclectic environment with talented barbers, along with their skin and hair products. Barber & Co. is also opening a new shop in Toronto.

And if neither of the former suit your circumstances, you can still groom with the best of them by browsing their online store. Take a look their process and delve into the rundown on some of their homemade products below.

No. 13 Matte Pomade ($24)

matte pomade barber and co

Built to enhance moisture and leave a cool matte finish, this pomade is a Barber & Co. classic. It’s water soluble base works on all heads of hair so you don’t have to worry about those winter winds and rainstorms getting in the way of your steeze (or style with ease).

Key ingredients: Purified water, castor oil, moisture-enhanced mineral wax

No. 2 Matte Putty ($28)

matte putty

No matter your age, putty is always a pleaser. This newly-formed wax and clay putty provides your hair with strong styling control that lasts all day. So, when your hair seems out of whack after work, you can make sure it’s in top shape for that date later in the night.

Key ingredients: Purified water, castor oil, mineral wax, kaolin clay

No. 5 Beard Oil ($22)

beard oil

Nobody likes an unhealthy beard. That’s why if you haven’t used a beard oil before, try this one on for size. Barber & Co. designed this beard oil with moisture-enhancing oils and vitamins to soften and strengthen your beard, making sure it’s as healthy as a horse.

Key ingredients: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Bergamot orange oil, Rosewood oil, Vitamin E

Barber & Co. also offer a couple bundles, just in time for the holidays.

Beard Bundle ($50)

beard bundle

Includes beard oil, beard palm, a Kent beard comb, and a cotton drawbag.

Shave Bundle ($90)

shave bundle

Comes with shave oil, matte putty, Merker safety razor, and a cotton drawbag.

Barber & Co. are locals of the Pacific Northwest, so being environmentally conscious is just a way of life. They take pride in keeping gents dapper while putting sustainable methods into practice. All of their materials are locally sourced in Canada, with the exceptions of alloys imported from Kentucky and glass from the Netherlands. Nonetheless, their containers can be reused and recycled.

Image Credits: Barber and Co.