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SodaStream Black Friday Sale 2020: The Best Deals

By now, you know Black Friday deals are some of the best of the year and it’s no different for a handy item like SodaStream. The day after Thanksgiving is a mind-blowing parade of deals on everything from kitchen gadgets to backpacks.

Owning a SodaStream allows you some real flexibility. Still water is great, but it’s fun to doctor is up now and again. With one of these devices, you can create your own sparkling water riffs in your kitchen, keeping it simple and refreshing or diving deep into flavor country, mimicking your favorite LaCroix flavors, for instance.

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For the domestic bartender, there are even more advantages. Whether you’re looking to mix with gin, whiskey, vodka, or something else entirely, a SodaStream can produce the effervescence you need to bring it all together. Because you’ll be making it fresh, the sparkling water will never let you down in terms of fizzy-ness. Oh, and did we mention that they’re just fun to use and experiment with?

There are even more benefits to going to the at-home sparkling route. For starters, it’s easier on the environment, namely because you’re not dealing with single-use plastics (along with the energy and resources needed to make and ship them out in the first place). It’s also playful—you get the youthful joy of fresh soda (flavored or otherwise) with the slight dip into science class that comes with preparing it yourself.

Best Black Friday SodaStream Deals

We’ve gathered the best deals on SodaStreams below, but make sure to check out our list of Black Friday kitchen sales for more options.

How to Choose a SodaStream During Black Friday

While there may only be a handful of SodaStream models on the market, you clearly want the shoe to fit. A few key considerations will help set your bubbly water agenda off on the right track.

If you’re simply looking for convenience and accessibility, the Fizzi Classic is likely for you. It’s cordless and offers a simple design that you can pack with you or stow away in a kitchen drawer. It’s about as barebones as it gets but if you’re not keen on special settings or overall presentation, it’s ideal.

The One Touch Electric touts three carbonation levels, meaning you can play around a bit with the texture of your liquid creations. This extra bit of control is nice for mixing cocktails as well as working with various ingredients. Does a hit of ginger work better with minimal fizz? How does your favorite vodka handle max effervescence? If these are questions you like to ask and answer, this model is right up your alley.

The last of the three main SodaStream models is the Aqua Fizz Premium. More of a show pony, this gadget is eye-catching enough to permanently occupy some counter space. It comes with a restaurant-quality glass carafe and is the most efficient of the three models. If you’re sold on making your own soda water and working with the countless renditions of the stuff, this is your device.

Where to Find the Best SodaStream Sales

Kohl’s: With a few older models in the mix and some flavor additions too, Kohl’s is a great option for accessories and deals.

Target: With all the major models and outstanding pricing, it’s hard to go wrong with Target (and as a bonus, they even sell some of the limited edition SodaStream bottles).

Costco: Costco specializes in bulk so it’s no wonder the retailer has some good SodaStream bundle deals for the e-holiday.

Walmart: If you’re looking for model add-ons like CO2 cylinders and flavored drink mixes, Walmart is the way to go.

Amazon: Amazon has just about everything, from classic soda flavors to custom bottles and deep Black Friday discounts.

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