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Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Buy a Coffee Maker — Shop NOW

Keurig K2500 plumbed single serve commercial coffee maker.

Coffee lovers shouldn’t miss this year’s best Black Friday deals to buy a coffee maker that meets their needs, and that includes the Keurig deals that retailers will be offering. While the discussion on choosing a coffee maker or Keurig continues, at the very least, you should know what features you’d like from a machine that will brew your coffee every morning. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday itself, as retailers have already started rolling out their offers for coffee makers ahead of the shopping holiday.

There were significant supply chain issues last year, and it looks like the same problems will resurface during this year’s Black Friday. The popular machines, including the products in The Manual’s best coffee makers and best Keurig models, will likely sell out quickly. The coffee maker you want may go on backorder before Black Friday even starts, so if you want to avoid the stress of not being able to secure the machine you want, you should place your order early. There’s already a lot of options among the early Black Friday deals, though, so you won’t have a hard time looking for attractive offers.

If you wait until Black Friday arrives before you buy a coffee maker, it might not arrive in time for the holidays. Coffee makers are great gifts, both for loved ones and for yourself, but that won’t happen if they’re late. If you’re set on giving a coffee maker as a gift for the holidays, you should buy it now so there’s ample time for you to get it. Once stocks run out, or when shipping channels get congested after Black Friday, there’s a chance you won’t get your purchased coffee maker until next year.

For those hoping for bigger discounts on Black Friday, you should realize that the prices will remain mostly the same. There might be more savings, but only for a few extra dollars. There’s no sense in waiting for slightly lower prices if there’s a significant chance you won’t be able to purchase the coffee maker you want once the holiday starts. If you see an early Black Friday deal for a coffee maker that matches your requirements, you shouldn’t hold back on buying it right now.

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