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The Costway Microwave Is the Best Budget Microwave To Buy for Black Friday


Thanksgiving is over, so it’s time to shift gears to the amazing deals going on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’ve been thinking about a new or improved microwave, this weekend is the perfect stretch for making a move.

Some deals, of course, are better than others. We’ve sniffed around the web and discovered an absolute steal with the Costway Programmable 1000W Microwave Oven. The price for this highly-rated microwave has been cut nearly in half, from $200 to an astounding $110. With 10 power levels and a digital control panel with six pre-programmed cooking options, this microwave delivers on all fronts. To boot, it even has a locking feature to keep the littlest hands in the family safe.

There’s not much handier in the kitchen than a sound microwave. The appliance can thaw the hardest of meats, perfectly melt your favorite kind of cheese, and expertly prepare any number of frozen items you’ve stocked up on during the pandemic. Frankly, a good microwave does the heavy culinary lifting when you don’t want to, whether it be time constraints or simply zero motivation.

The Costway boasts quite a bit of power in a relatively small build. That said, it will have no trouble thawing items from the most tucked-away sections of your freezer and it will do so without eating up too much kitchen real estate. Its straightforward design complements just about any kitchen environment and the LED display is easy to make out, whether you’re prepping vegetables across the kitchen or wandering in the dark for a microwaveable midnight snack.

Let’s be honest, microwaves aren’t just for those hungry for a quick fix in the food department (although they certainly are that). The appliance can also offer a helping hand when you’re multitasking in the kitchen and prepping a complex meal for guests. Sometimes, there’s just too much happening both in and atop your stove. It can offer an instant zap of heat to warm up your morning cup of coffee and almost instantly make a slice of your favorite pie taste like it came straight from a long spell in the oven. A good microwave is practically magical.

Microwave traditionalists — if there is such a thing — will love the revolving turntable inside, made of tempered glass to handle both heat and occasional spills. It allows for the best kind of food-porn viewing, as your popcorn comes to life or your pizza comes to the ideal temperature. With this kitchen device in your corner, you can defrost items by weight, quickly and effectively. And a trusty microwave can always double as a clock and timer, even when it’s not warming something up.

Improving your kitchen has never been easier on you and your wallet than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are blockbuster deals on everything from blenders and SodaStreams to bar tools and Instant Pots. As you look to simplify cooking and take the stress out of some of your food prep, consider the Costway microwave and its many merits.

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