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Why You Should Buy This Wine Preservation System on Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday time and the deals on gadgets, gear, gizmos, and more continue to be outrageous. An excellent option for the wine lover is this Coravin preservation system, a brilliant device that you’ll want to show off any time you have company.

Right now, the limited edition Coravin model is 50% off, meaning you shell out $200 as opposed to the regular retail rate of $400. The wine-related magic tricks you can pull off with this thing makes the Coravin more than worth the cost. In fact, once you get used to its tricks, you’ll never want to approach a cherished bottle of wine without one.

At first glance, the preservation system looks something like a cross between a futuristic vacuum and a sleek juicer. In reality, it’s a bit of both — a clever means of extracting short pours of wine from a bottle without removing the cork. Pulling wine this way is perfect if you don’t plan on consuming an entire bottle. It’s also great for older, more precious wines that may have more sensitive cork closures. Plus, the presentation is just plain cool, a party trick nobody will soon forget.

There are added benefits to the Coravin system. With expensive wines from choice vintages, often times you just want a taste or small glass of the invaluable juice inside. This system allows you to draw a bit without sacrificing the integrity of the closure. In other words, you can check in on the tasting notes of a special wine and then continue to age it in your cellar without worrying about its future. It’s a fun way to sample older wines incrementally, seeing how they change, mature, and improve over time.

It’s an impressive way to open and enjoy wine, as well. Coravin utilizes a lengthy and extra-thin needle to draw the wine. Once the wine is removed, a bit of inert gas (argon) is added to prevent oxidizing. In other words, you get a taste of a gorgeous bottle of Bordeaux or old Chianti, but it’s like you never touched it in the first place. Whether you’re a collector, aspiring somm, or just plain wine curious, this crafty tool is definitely for you.

This model in particular is a limited edition one, touting a mica pattern, a carrying case, and some spare argon cartridges. It clamps easily on to all bottle types and catches the eye with subtle chrome accents. Easy on the eye and wildly useful, it’s a gastronomical gadget you won’t want to hide away. In contrast, you’ll want to put it to use  as often as possible, through fun guided tastings with your best wine-adoring friends and family members.

Cyber Monday is full of intriguing deals on all kinds of culinary tools, from kitchen knives to portable grills. As you upgrade appliances and look to the latest in helpful kitchen gadgetry, consider the Coravin and its many, many merits. The instrument alone is a talking point and the wines it will allow you to experience make it all the better.

Helpful tip: This writer enjoyed an earlier Coravin model before it was taken away by airport security. Be advised not to travel with the contraption or do your homework beforehand to see what pieces of the preservation system you might be able to fly with.

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