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Food Processor Black Friday Deals Are Here — What to Buy Today

There is a whole world of exciting recipes out there, and there is a whole world of food processor Black Friday deals to help you make them. Whether a chef who calls it a career, a single professional after work, or a parent with their hands full, an easier way to prepare and cook meals seems to be appealing to almost anyone. A great food processor often fits the bill, and these food processor Black Friday deals will have you easily blending, chopping, dicing, and slicing your way through your meal prep.

  • Black+Decker FreshPrep 3-cup Electric Food Chopper — $20, was $23
  • Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12-cup Food Processor — $44, was $60
  • KitchenAid 7-cup Food Processor — $64, was $90

Black+Decker FreshPrep 3-cup Electric Food Chopper — $25

BLACK+DECKER FreshPrep 3-Cup Electric Food Chopper, Black, HC300B on sale at Walmart

Why Buy:

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  • Stay sharp blade for continual high efficiency use
  • Add sauces and dressings while food processor in use
  • Simple design makes for an easy user experience
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

The Black+Decker FreshPrep 3-cup electric food chopper is a simple device made for easy usage, easy cleaning, and easy storing. Perfect for cooking in a dorm room, an apartment, or the office kitchen, the Black+Decker FreshPrep electric food chopper can quickly create dips, salsas, vinaigrettes, breadcrumbs, and more. It’s powered by a 175-watt motor that brings enough oomph to chop through items that might give other electric food choppers trouble, and a stay-sharp blade keeps the Black+Decker FreshPrep working through food at its highest efficiency. All removable parts of the Black+Decker FreshPrep electric food chopper are dishwasher safe, leaving you with an easy cleanup after you’ve made that salsa or dip before the Sunday games start, or after you’ve finished your weekly food prep. It’s the electric food chopper for just about anyone, and for just about any meal backdrop.

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12-cup Food Processor — $82

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap Food Processor on sale at Walmart

Why Buy:

  • 12-cup container for processing larger food quantities
  • Versatile processing with two blade attachments
  • Powerful 450-watt motor processes all types of ingredients
  • Efficient design eliminates leaks and spills

The Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12-cup food processor is one of the better food processor Black Friday deals you’ll come across, as it packs a huge array of features into a very small price point, and Hamilton Beach makes a range of products of a quality high enough to make The 10 Best Food Processors For Your Kitchen in 2021. This Stack & Snap 12-cup model can slice, chop and shred its way through just about anything, as it comes with two blade attachments, each meant for a variety of processing situations. A feed chute fits whole carrots, potatoes and cucumbers, reducing the need for pre-cutting for all sorts of food items.

The Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap food processor brings looks and practicality to the countertop as well, offering a modern design with a handy cord storage area for an uncluttered countertop when it’s not in use. Clean, versatile, and powerful, the Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 12-cup food processor is a great addition to any kitchen, and to any meal prep process.

KitchenAid 7-cup Food Processor — $64, was $90

KitchenAid 7 Cup Food Processor - KFP0710 on sale at Walmart

Why Buy:

  • 7-cup container for processing larger food quantities
  • 2-in-1 feed tube helps process a variety of shapes and sizes
  • 3 speed options
  • Innovative design makes it easy to use, clean, and store

KitchenAid brings another great food processor to the table with this 7-cup food processor, which features an innovative design in addition to the high quality KitchenAid name. Amongst the innovative design features are a one-click, twist-free bowl assembly, a leak-resistant and dishwasher safe work bowl, and in-bowl accessory storage with a convenient cord wrap. These design features bring easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store functionality to your food processing. Two multi-purpose blades keep your food processing turning, and you can feel confident taking on just about any food processing challenge with chop, puree, shred, and slice functionality. The KitchenAid 7-cup food processor is a great addition to any kitchen, and a highly versatile option for just about anybody looking to bring some ease to working their way through their meals.

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