Our favorite, beer-centric accessories for when hops just aren’t enough

We could spend all day arguing the merits of a great hop strain or the most suitable malt for a dark, farmhouse-style ale. However, beer is nothing short of a lifestyle choice, one that’s even better with the right set of accessories. There’s a melange of beer-centric offerings on the Web — whether talking insulated pint glasses designed to keep your drinks color or enormousness, plywood maps best fit for showcasing your cross-country drinking habits — all of which provide additional convenience and enjoyment when it comes time to crack the bottle of your favorite IPA, pilsner, porter, or pale ale.

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We doubt any of them will render a can of Budweiser or Miller Lite any better, but to be honest, few things on this planet can. Below are just a few of our current favorites, just in case your affinity for beer stretches beyond drinking and into the realm of devotion.

DrinkTanks Juggernaut ($90)

DrinkTanks 128-ounce Growler

Doubled-walled, insulated growlers are not a new thing, but DrinkTanks might be the only company manufacturing a 128-ounce model. Appropriately dubbed the Juggernaut, the vacuum-insulated container ensures your drink will remain cold for up to 24 hours within its 18/8 stainless-steel hub, or hot for more than 12. It’s also BPA-free, leakproof, and comes in one of 11 different finishes.

Beer Cap Map ($40+)

Beer Cap Map

The Beer Cap Map is more than just a tool for showcasing your absurd drinking habits. Each map, whether it be a country or individual state, features a slew of dedicated slots for housing used bottle tops. The maps consist of ¼-inch veneered plywood and are sealed to resist warping, too, providing your map of the United States, Germany, Canada, or your state with ample durability.

Spiegelau IPA glass ($9)

Spiegelau IPA Glass

Developed in conjunction with with the renowned brewers of Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, Spiegelau’s IPA glass is the first of its kind. The unique shape of the 19-ounce offering works to promote a full, frothy head, while the wide opening helps highlight the hop-forward aromas associated with the majority of modern India Pale Ales. Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter.

PiCO Titanium Bottle Opener ($11)

PiCO Titanium Bottle Opener

The folks behind the PiCO Bottle Opener know a thing or two about convenience. Their Kickstarter-abetted bottle opener is smaller than quarter, cut from 0.100-inch titanium and adorned with a durable stonewashed finish for added affect. The sturdy split-ring provides just enough leverage to pop off a bottle cap in a single fluid motion, that is, before it discretely disappears on your keychain.

Hydro Flask True Pint ($22)

Hydro Flask True Pint

In a nutshell, Hydro Flask’s 16-ounce True Pint combines the best of both worlds. Available in an assortment of color options, the basic offering makes use of 18/8 stainless-steel construction and vacuum insulation designed to keep your drinks for up to 24 hours. The lip is also engineered to feel like glass upon your lips, while the angled lip allows for a smoother pour and the release aromas.

Puzzle Pax 6-pack Holder ($30)

Puzzle Pax 6-pack Holder

Traditional 6-pack holders aren’t very sustainable no matter how you swing it, however, Puzzle Pax’s wooden carriers are. You can choose from either a stock design or personalize your own with an engraving of your own creation, each of which is built using 5-millimeter plywood sourced from a local supplier outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. You can even dissemble the crates for quick storage.

Corkcicle Chillsner ($30)

Corkcicle Chillsner

Corkcicle’s Chillsner is part novelty and part genius. It’s essentially a stainless-steel rod infused with thermal coolant, one you can quickly chill in the freezer before dropping into your lukewarm libation. The four flow vents located at the top let you drink your beer as it cools, even with the airtight seal in place. The best part of it all? Properly cleaning the Chillsner is quick and easy.

North Drinkware Oregon Pint Glass ($35)

North Drinkware Oregon Pint Glass

North Drinkware’s beautiful handmade glasses seem more like art than mere vessels for drinking. Each 16-ounce container is hand blown in Portland with a custom mold to create a small replica of Oregon’s highest volcanic peak, the iconic Mount Hood. The mere fact the company used U.S.G.S. topographical data to create the stunning 3D model only adds to its realistic allure.

[Feature image: Sidarta/Shutterstock]