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Walmart Is Practically Giving Away These Adjustable Dumbbells Today

If you’ve been on the hunt for gear to upgrade your workouts at home, then there’s an adjustable dumbbells Cyber Monday deal for you right now. Simply head on over to Walmart to score one of the very best Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen, and one that’s not to be missed. Sure, you can score everything from the best deals on electronics to home goods on Cyber Monday, but other categories are a bit trickier to fill out.

That is, you have to keep a weather eye out to get a deal like this one on SKONYON adjustable dumbbells for $69 off at Walmart on Cyber Monday. And when fitness gear deals are flying off the (digital) shelves left and right, it’s worth buying adjustable dumbbells at $130, versus $199. Your workout will thank you.

Today’s Best Adjustable Dumbbells Cyber Monday Deal

Skonyon adjustable dumbbells.

Why Buy: 

  • Streamlined design to save space
  • 16 different weight adjustments available
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Adjustable for a wide variety of workouts

There’s no telling how much the best dumbbells can elevate your workout in terms of efficiency and a quality lift, all the better to aid you in getting that crucial pump. The little details make the difference, especially if your space and time is limited. So why not save time and space with adjustable dumbbells, saving you the hassle of lugging multiple dumbbells around your home gym? It’s an intuitive design that makes these Skonyon dumbbells so essential, and the best part is they’re on sale right now on Cyber Monday for $69 off.

If you’re into body workouts and muscle-building exercises like bicep curls, then these adjustable dumbbells are one great deal for the fitness fanatic on Cyber Monday. Use the no-slip design to adjust the weight from 5 pounds to 45 pounds with ease. They’re also especially helpful during circuit workouts when time is of the essence. And these SKONYON adjustable dumbbells use an ergonomic design and a rust-free finish, which ensures long-lasting durability through all kinds of workouts.

Adjustable dumbbells are especially useful for going from workouts like lunges to curls, for instance, and the weight range available (up to 45 pounds) provides plenty of options for every type of fitness fan at every level. Plus, the sleek black design mimics the type of gear you’d find in a gym, all from the comfort of your own home.

It gets even more effective from there when you factor in 16 different weight adjustments designed to suit a variety of workout styles. Think of it like your own customized workout plan right from the comfort of your home gym (it’s like swapping four weights for one set of dumbbells). Plus, you can pocket the extra cash to stock up on new workout gear, supplements and more. Adjustable dumbbells are designed to replace multiple sets of weights with sleek functionality in mind, eliminating the fuss of switching out dumbbells or using workout systems that are cumbersome to use and not streamlined.

When Does This Adjustable Dumbbells Cyber Monday Deal End?

To keep things simple, this Adjustable Dumbbells Cyber Monday Deal is here for now, but won’t be around for very long. We say shop this deal now to upgrade your fitness routine with a stress- and hassle-free set of dumbbells. Plenty of fitness gear deals are running out of stock and expiring, so do yourself a favor and score a discount now. Who knows: An adjustable dumbbell set could change your workouts entirely, and you’re saving some cash in the process.

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