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Walmart Is Practically Giving Away These Adjustable Dumbbells Today

Skonyon Adjustable Dumbbells Man Working Out.

One of the biggest challenges to working out at home is finding the space for it. Many types of gym equipment take up tons of room at your house, including exercise machines and weights. You probably won’t have the area to put an entire dumbbell rack if you live in an apartment. However, if you pick up a pair of adjustable dumbbells, you have the flexibility of a big set without taking up floor space. If that sounds like a perfect fit for you, then you should check out one of the best Black Friday dumbbell deals at Best Buy. You can pick up these Skonyon Adjustable 25-Pound Dumbbells for just $76, a massive $53 discount from the regular price of $129. Don’t miss your chance to buy these!


The Skonyon Adjustable 25-Pound Dumbbells will keep you strong and active at home while reducing the amount of equipment you need to buy. The push-pull design allows you to easily add or reduce the amount of weight on each dumbbell by increments of 5 pounds, with up to 25 pounds of weight on each. This means that they replace five different weights on a rack. They’re durable and are made of solid materials, including textured grips that prevent slipping.

The adjustable design gives you tons of flexibility depending on the workouts you plan to do that day. If you need to build muscle and strength through weight training, then you can add more weight. If you plan to do aerobics, squats, and the best full-body workouts, you can use lighter weights. It’s the perfect way to make your daily routines more challenging and keep you in great shape. When you’re done working out, their compactness also makes them easy to store anywhere. There’s a custom base that prevents damage to your floors, even on hard surfaces. It also comes with a tray to securely store all your units so you can tuck them away neatly and keep your space organized.

If you’ve been looking for adjustable dumbbells for a while, this is the perfect time to pick up a pair to take your training to the next level. The Skonyon Adjustable Dumbbells are on sale for just $76, a hefty $53 off from the regular price of $129. That’s only $152 for a pair! If you’re interested in getting these dumbbells, hit that “Buy Now” button and pick them up as soon as you can.

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