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Forget Prime Day: You Need to Buy These Adjustable Dumbbells RIGHT NOW

Skonyon adjustable dumbbell with 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 pound increments.
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The Prime Day deals are here early this year, but the shopping opportunities aren’t just limited to Amazon. Other retailers are increasingly getting in on the game, and if you’re wondering whether Walmart is having a Prime Day sale of its own, the answer is yes — and better still, you don’t need Amazon Prime (or even to wait for Prime Day to officially arrive on the 21st) to save. One of our favorite Walmart deals going right now is this juicy $50 discount on adjustable dumbbells that lets you grab one for $79, so if your home fitness loadout could use some new gear, keep reading.

In 2020, with gyms closed across the country, many fitness-conscious folks started working out from home. That’s not as easy (or cheap) as it might sound, especially for people who don’t have the extra space for bulky exercise equipment. If that describes your situation then one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for your home workout routine is an adjustable dumbbell like this one from Skonyon, which eliminates the need for buying numerous sets of dumbbells and/or barbells. That potentially saves you not only precious floor space but quite a bit of cash as well.

This Skonyon adjustable dumbbell comes loaded with 25 pounds of weight that’s adjustable in 5-pound increments. The easily removable plates let you quickly load 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 pounds on the bar by simply turning the locking lever when the dumbbell is placed onto the included base station. Any plates not in use simply remain on the station; this process takes seconds — much faster than traditional collar-secured barbells — so you can quickly switch between workout sets without wasting a bunch of time adding or removing weights.

Even if you work out at a gym (with many thankfully reopening now), an adjustable dumbbell or two is an inexpensive and worthy addition to your home fitness setup for supplementary work or for those busy days when you just can’t make it to the gym but still want to hammer out a quick lifting session. It’s hard to argue with the price right now, too: For its “Deals for Days” sale, Walmart has knocked a cool $50 off the price of the Skonyon 25-pound adjustable dumbbell, letting you grab one for just $79.

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