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Best Labor Day Dumbbell Deals 2022: Best Sales To Shop Today

The Labor Day dumbbell deals are here and we’ve checked out the best of the bunch. With so many different Labor Day sales to check out, it can be a confusing world out there so we’ve rounded up all the best Labor Day dumbbell sales along with some key advice on whether now is the time to buy a dumbbell and what to look for when picking the right dumbbells for you. Bear in mind that these Labor Day dumbbell deals are time-limited as it’s all based around the big sales event. Read on while we guide you through everything you need to know about the Labor Day dumbbell deals so you won’t be left in the dark.

Labor Day Dumbbell Deals 2022

Should You Buy a Dumbbell on Labor Day?

In general, hitting the Labor Day dumbbell deals is a pretty good idea if you’re looking to buy a new dumbbell or set of dumbbells. Because, of course, it’s highly dependent on you actually needing a new dumbbell for your home gym. Dumbbells are rarely impulse purchases given their cost so you really need to know you want one. Even the cheapest of Labor Day dumbbell deals aren’t exactly cheap and you might need to consider storage issues if you do make a purchase.

So, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before you hit the buy button. Labor Day dumbbell sales are only good if you genuinely need the item.

In terms of timing though, the Labor Day dumbbell sales offer a pretty good time to pick up new equipment for your home gym setup while saving plenty of cash. The next nearest significant sale season is Black Friday and that’s usually devoted to more gift-based technology than fitness equipment so we can’t see the sales outperforming the Labor Day dumbbell deals going on right now. Potentially, the sales could be weaker although there’s no guarantee either way right now. We’ll have to wait and see.

Sure, you could hold on until later but you’ll also miss out on enjoying a new dumbbell right now and adding it to your workout routine. Think of all those missed reps! In particular, if your current dumbbell isn’t up to scratch or you’re new to the home gym lifestyle, you won’t want to delay simply to save a few bucks and we can’t see there being massive changes in the future.

By buying now, you can also spread the cost rather than worrying about spending a lot of cash on a new dumbbell or dumbbell set just in time for the holidays when spending could be a lot tighter thanks to gift purchases.

Make sure you know what your budget is before you dive right in and that you also know what size you need and what features would be convenient. Through the Labor Day dumbbell deals, you can save a lot on some of the biggest name brands so you can often benefit from extra features for a lot less than usual but it’s important to prioritize exactly what you need from such a purchase.

It’s also a good idea to shop around and see what else is out there. We’ve rounded up the best Labor Day dumbbell deals but it’s always a smart move to check what works exactly for you. It’s also a good idea to know how best to choose a dumbbell for your needs which is why we’re taking a deeper look at how best to choose one for your home.

How to Choose a Dumbbell on Labor Day

The Labor Day dumbbell sales are a great time to buy a new dumbbell, providing you know what to look for. Your first consideration should be how much you can afford to spend. It’s easy to spend a little or a lot on a dumbbell or dumbbell set and you might want to spend a lot, depending on how you plan on using them. It’s important to know your budget and stick to it so you don’t end up with an inferior purchase or overspending and having trouble financially later on.

Once you know that, check out our look at the best dumbbells. For the most part, your choice comes down to a traditional set of dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells.

Traditional dumbbells take up a lot of room although that might be less of an issue if you have a dedicated workout area, they’re ready to go whenever you are. You won’t have to worry about doing anything more than simply lifting one as and when needed.

Alternatively, adjustable dumbbells take up less room but if you need to mix up your weights frequently as part of your routine, you might find it irritating having to adjust them all the time. It can slow you down or lead you to not bothering with certain parts of your workout. Whether that’s a problem or not really depends on your plans and only you know the answer here.

In all cases, check the weights that are involved and plan ahead. The whole point of perfecting the best dumbbell workouts is so that you improve over time so you don’t want to find that your purchase in the Labor Day dumbbell sales has actually limited your progress. That’s a waste of money and time for you. Of course, if you’re a beginner to a dumbbell workout plan, this will be less of an issue, but it’s still good to think about the future.

Some dumbbells even offer smart features where they sync with apps but again, you may find this is inessential to your needs. Don’t be lured in by cool new features that you know you’ll never use. Ultimately, dumbbells are all about the weights involved and being easy to grip rather than offering fancier features.

Before committing to some dumbbells, also check out our look at the best at-home workout equipment to confirm you have the right setup for your needs. You may find that something completely different suits your fitness plans better, or that you need to buy slightly different dumbbells than you anticipated.

It’s worth investing in good-quality gym gear for your home because it’s safer and more efficient for you. By buying the right equipment, you get the benefit of a good workout at home and a safe one rather than worrying about your dumbbells falling apart. Prepare your home gym equipment right and you’ll save a fortune on gym memberships as well as see some significant gains when it comes to your physique and general performance.

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