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Act Quickly — This Ancestry Black Friday DNA Kit Deal Won’t Last Long

Amazing Black Friday deals and sales have arrived at Walmart, such as AncestryDNA’s genetic ethnicity test getting marked down $50, from $99 to $49, a ridiculous 50% deduction. This is one of the best Black Friday deals that we’ve seen this season and a great opportunity to get a science-based view into where you and your ancestors come from. We suggest jumping on this deal now because AncestryDNA’s test won’t last at this price at Walmart for long. 

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Ancestry Black Friday Deal: Cheapest Price Today 

How much more fun will the holidays be when you can greet family and friends with your ancestral background? For yourself, this might be just another step to having a healthy Thanksgiving

AncestryDNA kits make finding out about your heritage and ethnic connections easy and effortless. DNA results reveal personal discoveries quickly with AncestryDNA’s clear and easy-to-read ethnicity estimate that traces your genetic code over 1,500 regions from around the world. This includes a pie chart that breaks down the percentages in your ethnic background. AncestryDNA will also provide geographic locations, both at specific pinpoints and over map regions with a timeline of historical changes in those places as part of your curated content. Depending on your background, this can also include how and why your ancestors moved from place to place around the globe. If anything, this can make the best travel shows and documentaries more interesting and personally appealing. 

AncestryDNA matches can also identify potential relatives among others who have taken an AncestryDNA test. Tools like tagging, grouping, and custom labeling help you organize these possible family members. Not all of these people will be available for a match and you can also make your genetic heritage anonymous by opting out of being visible to DNA matches. AncestryDNA takes everyone’s privacy seriously and personal control is one of its top priorities. 

If you want to dig deeper into your family roots, an Ancestry membership combines what you learn from your DNA with over 100 million family trees already described on Ancestry. By pairing your DNA results with a family tree you can gain even more insight on the biographies included in your distinct background.

This deal won’t last long, though, and with more people than ever learning what, when, who, how, and where they came from, the $50-off AncestryDNA kit for $49 is sure to sell out soon. Act now if you want to inject some interesting facts into same-old family parties. 

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