Put a Spring in Your Step this Season with Our Favorites from GH Bass

GH Bass got its start way back in 1876 in the thick forests of central Maine making plow shoes, moccasins, and aviation boots.

In the intervening 100 or so years, GH Bass has made a name for itself as a long-time maker of hardy, casual, and most importantly, classically stylish footwear. From 1936 when the first Bass Weejuns were created and named after a slipper-type moccasin used for “loafing in the field” to the 1980s when Michael Jackson wore black Weejuns in the opening of his Thriller music video (and launched the second wave of a Weejuns craze), GH Bass has been pounding the pavement under the feet of some of the most celebrated people of the 20th century.

Here in the 21st century, GH Bass’ popularity is on the rise as heritage design and quality craftsmanship permeates the minds of customers and footwear designers alike. As the company’s website states itself, “Bass represents a Function-Meets-Fashion style of signature archival designs, with a modern twist.”

And those modern twists can be found throughout our top picks for the best Bass shoes of the season. From a classic boat shoe silhouette with the innovative use of mesh knit for the material (no sweaty feet here) to a Weejun turned sneaker with the “Larson” Weejuns (which perfectly pair with chinos for a killer business casual look), Bass has found a way to update old-classics without sacrificing original character. And they’ve done it all just in time for the spring season.

So go forth and secure yourself a lightweight spring shoe–as Bass says, “Adventure awaits.”

Walker Boater $105

walker boat shoe

Clinton Wingtip Oxford $120

clinton wingtip oxford shoe

Larson Weejuns Sneaker $100

larsen weejuns sneaker

Dash Sneaker $125-140

dash sneaker

Lyndon Midcut Ranger Moc Boot $150

moc boot

Proctor Buc $100

proctor buc in oyster

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