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Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Buy an Apple Watch — Shop NOW

Apple Watch Series 7 on sale for Black Friday.

Are you on the lookout for Black Friday Apple Watch deals? While retailers will certainly have a lot of them out there to wonder about this season, it’s also beneficial to wonder when the best time to make your Apple Watch purchase might be. The high demand for Apple products and the likelihood of supply chain constraints make waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales a risk. With early Black Friday sales ramping up demand and squeezing out inventory, the best time to buy your new Apple Watch may just be right now.

Apple products are always in high demand, particularly after upgraded models have been released, which we’ve seen recently from Apple with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple offers a nice variety of price points across its Apple Watch lineup, including the still-relevant and extremely popular Apple Watch Series 6, so there’s reason to believe something will be available for you come Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but it’s also important to remember the popularity of Apple products even when there isn’t a sale. We’ve seen the Apple Watch sell out and go on backorder before Black Friday 2021, and with all of the early Black Friday Apple Watch deals out there, there’s a good chance inventory doesn’t last until Black Friday itself.

It’s also likely we’re going to see the same supply chain constraints that hindered the Black Friday shopping season last year. Longer shipping times and delayed shipping dates are to be expected, and because Apple products are so sought-after, most of the Black Friday discounts we see on them are minimal, typically ranging from $10 to $20. This poses the question: Is it worth waiting around to save a few bucks on a new Apple Watch if it doesn’t arrive in time for the holidays? This is a real risk in purchasing a new Apple Watch this Black Friday shopping season, and we think the appropriate response is to purchase now. If you see a deal that works for you, grab it and relish in knowing you got a deal and that you got your new Apple Watch on time.

As we further roll into the Black Friday shopping season, know that we’ve got you covered on some of the best Black Friday deals you’ll find on the internet. But when it comes to your new Apple Watch, know that the best deal you may find is the one immediately in front of you. With the usual high demand for Apple products, manufacturing backlogs, and shipping delays all in play this holiday season, it may very well be of most value to you to grab a new Apple Watch when you see one available. Grab one now to ensure you get it on your wrist by Christmas. You can start your search with some Black Friday Apple Watch deals below.

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