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Cyber Monday Kettlebell Deals 2021: Last-Minute Sales to Shop Now

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With many gyms and fitness centers still closed or closing back up soon due to the sharp increase of COVID cases across the country, working out at home is the new normal. For a lot of people, it’s difficult to recreate the type of exercise they can get on multiple machines at the gym at home, but kettlebells are a great way to add some weight training into your routine. Online retailers know shoppers are looking to load up on at-home gym products this year more than in previous years, and there’s still time left to purchase a sturdy set of kettlebells.

Kettlebells are a core part of a complete home gym set up, but don’t forget about items including dumbbells and exercise bikes to get that weight-based and cardio training that will keep you looking toned and feeling healthy as we enter the holidays and new year.

Best Cyber Monday Kettlebell Deals

Workout safely and efficiently with this Bionic Body kettlebell with its heavy-duty and soft materials as well as its large handle for a superior grip. more
Get your workout fix at home with this RitFit kettlebell. You can adjust the weight from 10lbs to 25lbs depending on your needs. It's also made from plastic shell, which won't leave floor marks. more
Durably made of eco-friendly and rust-resistant cast iron, this kettlebell is made to endure and last for a lifetime of workouts more
Unlike your typical kettlebells, this once can track down your progress with a state-of-the-art, AI-powered KettlebellConnect. more
Train your body rigorously yet comfortably with this concave-designed kettlebells by Fitness Gear. more
A solid cast iron construction makes this kettlebell tough enough to survive daily use. Its handle is easy and comfortable to hold. more
If you're just starting and looking for the lightest kettlebell, opt for this 5-pound one. It's made from solid cast iron, so you know that it's long-lasting. Just be careful when slamming it! more
TECHMOO's water-filled adjustable kettlebells are designed for muscle and balance exercise by using water for different levels of training intensity. more
Turn your dumbbells into kettlebells with these nifty detachable, rubber-coated, easy-to-carry grips. more
Why have just one kettlebell when you can have three in one set for your home exercises? Store them anywhere easily as well thanks to a base rack that comes with them. more
This kettlebell boasts adjustable weight settings so it can adapt to however you need it depending on your workout. The handle is not only ergonomic but also wide enough to be used with two hands. more
Whether you're doing daily squats or HIIT, this 10-pound kettlebell is a reliable product. Comes with an ergonomic handle, you can lift and swing it with no problem. more

How to Choose Kettlebells During Cyber Monday

Kettlebells might look like just another set of weights, but they’re often so much more versatile, especially when it comes to arm workouts. Deciding on a set in a weight and style that aligns with your current fitness level and future fitness goals will help you get the most out of your purchase. Kettlebells are heavier than dumbells, which typically come in a set of two. You really only need one kettlebell to get a great workout in, but if you want to use kettlebells in multiple parts of your routine, investing in a few at different weights will really supercharge your workouts and strengthen different parts of your body.

Solid cast iron is definitely the preferred type of material for most kettlebells. The material means they’re built to last, have consistent weight throughout the body of the kettlebell, and they can take a beating if the kettlebell accidentally falls out of your grip during your workout. Some cast iron kettlebells are coated in neoprene to prevent damage to the floor in the event that this occurs. If you typically work out indoors, kettlebells coated in neoprene or rubber are probably your best bet.

Size matters when it comes to kettlebells. The heavier the weight, the larger the kettlebell is. Before you purchase a set of kettlebells, have an idea of what part of your workout you want to incorporate kettlebells into and what kind of weight you need to maximize results from that activity. If you’re looking to tone and burn fat, investing in a set of low weight dumbells can help you get those reps in. If you’re looking to build muscle, larger weights at fewer reps can help you get the pump you’re looking for.

Where to Find the Best Kettlebell Sales

  • Onnit: The fitness brand known for its superior supplements is running a variety of Cyber Monday sales this year, one of which is 10% off all fitness equipment. They’re also offering 60% off doorbusters, but you’ll just have to wait and see if any kettlebells are included in those promotions.
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: Some of Dick’s kettlebells are also on sale as part of their Cyber Monday deals, including adjustable kettlebells. These are a great option for anyone with little storage for gym equipment, but still want to reap the benefits of having different weights at their disposal.
  • Best Buy: Best Buy is rolling out Cyber Monday deals with shoppers saving up to 40% off fitness equipment.
  • Amazon: The retail giant will certainly be slashing the prices on some of its fitness equipment for Cyber Monday, with some kettlebells already 5-15% off.
  • Walmart: Look out for great Cyber Monday deals at Walmart, with the retailer offering up to 60% off fitness items like resistance bands, exercise, and kettlebells
  • Sports Unlimited: The fitness retailer is taking 15% off any single item this Monday only. They have a great assortment of kettlebells in various weights that are included in the promotion.

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