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Woody Skateboards: Made From Felled Dutch Trees

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While Bas van Druten was a student at the Royal Academy of Arts for a bachelor’s degree in graphic design he realized that he didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk working all day. “So I started experimenting and testing myself for what I did want to do all day,” said Van Druten. “It turned out to be woodworking!”

Van Druten had been longboarding for a decade, so he started making his own. “I had some trunks lying around in the three square feet of brick which I called my garden at the time,” said Van Druten. “It was a felled tree from down the street and I figured it would be cool to make an old school cruiser from it. By doing so I unraveled the production of an old school cruiser from very beginning to end.”

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That’s where the idea for Woody Skateboards started. Van Druten started procuring felled trees from the Netherlands. “I decided I wanted to expand and produce boards not only from trees from Utrecht, which is the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, but also from its bigger brother Amsterdam,” said Van Druten. “Last week I got my first series from Amsterdam wood done! Together with the Amsterdam Forest we decided to make some boards from their trees. They ride real nice and are the most beautiful baord I made so far.”

So if you want a skateboard that’s good for the environment and cool, go for a Woody.

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