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Win $1,300 of Adventure Gear With the TAKE A BREAK Summer Giveaway

summer giveaway
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When you were a kid, summer was a grand time of exploration and adventure. What’s changed? Sure, you have a job, and sure, indoor screens are more captivating than ever — but deep down you’re still a little kid looking to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. The epic Take a Break Summer Giveaway may just provide the tools you need to rediscover your taste for adventure.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

What’s in the Take a Break Summer Giveaway? Lots, as it turns out. United By Blue, one of our favorite brands, is contributing a set of camping mugs, two t-shirts, a hoodie, and matching backpack, duffle bag, and travel case. These alone are worth the few moments and clicks it takes to enter the giveaway.

But that’s not all — oh, no, not even close. The giveaway also includes not one, not two, not a thousand, but five pairs of sunglasses from Sunski — the Originals, Headlands, Madronas, Dipseas, and Taravals, to be precise. You can either keep the sunglasses yourself and switch up your style, or you can dole them out to your buds.

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Summer requires a nice pair of kicks, right? How about two pairs? Thankfully, shoemaker Forsake has thrown its shoes into the ring, with one pair each of The Pilot and The Mack. Forsake makes strong and stylish shoes that we love, and we bet you will, too.

Peak Design has included some excellent accessories for adventurous photographers: the Slide Peak Edition strap, Leash strap, Cuff wrist strap, CapturePRO camera clip, and Clutch hand strap. With all these straps, you’re bound to keep a firm grip on your camera and capture some breathtaking shots.

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The giveaway will also extend far beyond the summer, thanks to a 12-month subscription to Conscious Box. For those who don’t know, Conscious Box is a service that sends a boxful of environmentally responsible foodstuffs, skincare products, and more to your door every month.

The giveaway is 100% free. Well not quite — it might take about 30 seconds to enter your email, name, and birthday. Still, a few seconds for $1,344 in outstanding summer goodies? Worth it! You have until June 22 to enter. Good luck.

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