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Masculine Style Meets Off-Grid Living In This Unique House That Goes Where You Do

Most people don’t fit into a definable box. You may wear suits to the office but spend your weekends mountain climbing. Maybe you tend to kick back with takeout in front the of the TV but also like indulge in gourmet meals. iO House recognizes this juxtaposition in all of us and has created a one-of-a-kind home that can be parked anywhere and has all the luxury and style of a contemporary city dwelling.

The SPACE, by Swedish design firm iO House, is an off-grid home that lets you live where you want, how you want. The structure was designed to be easily transportable so you can relocate whenever the mood strikes you. Park in the mountains for a winter of skiing or lakeside for a summer of fishing. The self-contained home is fully equipped with water, electricity, and heating, and it’s all controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Sustainability was a key component when iO House was developing The Space. Solar panels power the home and natural materials like wood, metal, and wool were used throughout.


iO House thought of everything when creating The Space. The interior comes with a fully furnished bedroom, living room, and dining area. The high-end contemporary pieces create a beautiful minimalist space — the perfect, move-in ready bachelor pad. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, refrigerator, cooktop, and coffee maker. Though small, it’s just enough to whip up a gourmet meal. Walls of glass in the main living area ensure that wherever you park your Space, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of your surroundings.

We’ve seen many versions of the moveable home in recent years and we love the freedom of being able to live anywhere while connecting with nature. Most of these homes are designed to become one with their surroundings, but The Space was created with style in mind and, as such, stands out like a piece of art wherever it’s placed. Everything from the sleek exterior to the minimalist interior speaks to the masculine feel you want for your home. The Space lets you make the most of living off the grid while still indulging in the luxuries you expect from a high-end apartment in the city.

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