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The Fumo wallet carries your phone, money, cards and cigarettes

the fumo wallet carries your phone money cards and cigarettes
For some of you, smoking is a habit that can’t be broken, and if that’s the case, carrying around cigarettes may cramp your style. Cigarette boxes are bulky, cigarette cases add another thick layer to put in your pocket, especially when you already need to keep your phone and wallet in there, and putting them in your wallet can leave them crushed or broken. Now there’s an accessory that holds your money and credit cards, phone and cigarettes, so you can keep it all in your back pocket.

Handcrafted from premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather, the Fumo by Pufftec, according to its makers, “combines the elements of style and sophistication into an original wallet & rolling case, designed specifically for the iPhone 6. The device mounts on the wire holders, ensuring full access to the buttons and ports. The facing side is the wallet – the sleek card pockets, long vertical pocket, as well as the two side cash pockets, and perhaps anything else you’d like to store in there, makes this case a replacement for your everyday wallet or a very convenient auxiliary wallet.”

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Additionally, and this is a really cool feature for all of you who hand roll your cigarettes, the Fumo also features a rolling station: “Fashioned from our favorite green Italian leather, the rolling paper dispenser fits up to King Size papers.  Conceived to be enjoyed anywhere, the Makizara, “rolling dish” in Japanese, is a quintessential concept behind many of our products.  Blend your smoke of choice in the Makizara, and provide a simple, stylish, and enjoyable way to transfer your plant into your rolling paper.”

The Fumo is an ideal wallet for smokers of all sorts, and it’s not just sleek and stylish, it holds everything you need in there.

The Fumo, $300 at

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