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The Barista Bottle keeps your drinks at the right temperature

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What do you get when you ask 200,000 baristas to help design a water bottle? That’s what Troy Lendman, the founder of Barista Life — a community of over 200,000 baristas — did when he wanted to create a water bottle that could keep liquids hot or cold for hours on end. Lendman asserts that since we trust baristas to make our coffee, we should trust them when it comes to creating a water bottle.

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What they came up with is The Barista Bottle, which is “designed by guys who know liquids better than anyone else.” The minimal Barista Bottle has double-walled, vacuum insulated technology, which means that it keeps liquids hot for 12+ hours, and cold for 22+ hours, so that after you pack it, you have all day to enjoy your beverage at the right temperature. There’s also a removable tea filter, so that you can brew hot tea or iced tea, or infuse your water with fruit. Plus, it keeps the ice from falling onto your face. The Barista Bottle only carries 16.9 ounces, so you can tote it around with you anywhere. It also fits in your car’s cup holder and the textured exterior means that it won’t slip out of your hand. And, you may not realize this, but by using The Barista Bottle, you’re also helping the environment because you’re avoiding using plastic bottles that aren’t biodegradable and remain a large source of pollution.

You can use The Barista Bottle on endless activities: make fruit-infused cocktails for an outdoor picnic or keep your tea warm while skiing in the winter. Want ice-cold drinks that will keep cool no matter how hot it is outside? The Barista Bottle will do that for you too. Plus, at only $20, it’s a lot more affordable than other water bottles.

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