This Furniture Collection is Mighty Cool

As human beings, there is a constant struggle between animalistic instinct and societal norms, whether we notice it or not. Many would say the novel that captures this fight best is Hermann Hesse’s Der Steppenwolf. Inspired by this tale of juxtaposition and human nature, furniture designer Stefan Rurak designed a collection to illustrate the conflict.

What you won’t find at Stefan Rurak are conventional pieces more overdone than a house full of Ikea. The Brooklyn-based atelier merges modern conceptual design with classic craftsmanship, a rarity, it seems, it today’s market. Not only are his pieces designed to withstand generations of use, many clients have gone the bespoke route and approached the designer for custom and limited-edition pieces. Stefan knows the unique characteristics of wood very well, so he is able to create furniture that transcends utilitarian purpose to become art.

The Der Steppenwolf Collection houses some of the coolest pieces of furniture we’ve seen this year. The idea of needing both animalistic compulsions and the comfort of society is illustrated through the combination of raw materials and finely finished domestic and exotic hardwoods. It not only looks incredibly manly and cool, it’s some of the most useful furniture ever. The Writer’s Desk features a leather-lined drawer for whiskey and another for pencils. An industrial-meets-log cabin Reading Light is adjustable in height and brightness. The Steppenwolf Armoire is crafted with some of the most beautiful wood we’ve ever see.

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