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The Wood-Fired Soak is the Winter Antidote We Need

Honestly, is there anything more soothing than kicking off your shoes and sinking into a bed of warm water after a day in the back country or on the job? The problem with most above-ground hot tubs is that they’re often an eyesore in your backyard or issue enough sound to drown out both the conversation and the ambiance afforded by your surroundings. Fortunately for those who cherish both modern design and a sense of quiet, the Soak Wood-Fired Tub ($4,450) is ripe for the taking.

Designed with Japanese Ofuro soaking tubs in mind, the Soak features a minimalist design that lacks the bells and whistles you often associate with more popular hot tub brands such as Sundance and Jacuzzi.

For starters, the two-person structure is made of stylish, marine-grade aluminum and lined with locally-sourced red cedar. The tub’s Bauhaus-style design makes use of an innovative wood stove and stainless-steel pipe that’s accessible from the side, along with propane option for those who prefer to skip the chopping block and heat their tub in a similar fashion to their barbecue.

Speaking of heating, the entire tub — which is 7½-feet long and just over 2½-feet wide — takes roughly 2½ hours to heat to 103 degrees. It’s not exactly quick, sure, but it cuts back on unwanted chemicals and other facets that would otherwise take away from the tub’s sustainability. After all, enjoying a soak shouldn’t be anything other than releaxing.

Check out the Soak Wood-Fired Hot Tub online for more info, or to place an order.

Brandon Widder
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Brandon Widder is a journalist and a staff writer for the Manual and its brother site, Digital Trends, where he covers tech…
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