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This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway


There are two types of stereotypical guys’ trips: either you and your friends live it up in the lap of luxury complete with your own private chef, or you head into the wild to hunt your own food, sit around the fire, and swap manly stories. Ever wish you could do both? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Naustet Stokkøya was designed for.

Situated on the small Norwegian island of Stokkøya, Naustet Stokkøya is a swanky cabin that you can book out for the ultimate getaway with your friends. The 4,100-acre island is located on Norway’s west coast and is accessed via a single bridge that connects it to the mainland. With few residents living on Stokkøya, a stay at Naustet (which translates to “boathouse”) will feel like having the entire island to yourself.

Even though it’s in the name, calling Naustet Stokkøya a “boathouse” doesn’t do it justice. This is no simple fishing shack. It’s outfitted with high-end amenities and offers luxury accommodations. The cabin was thoughtfully designed in a trendy all-black minimalist style. There’s a subtle gritty edge you would expect to find in a fishing cabin on the water, that’s complemented by plush area rugs, comfy seating, and soft beds you can sink into. The black finishes are offset by the exposed wood beams that make up the structural supports of the cabin, adding a touch of warmth to the space. 


Developed with food in mind, Naustet Stokkøya has two kitchens — a gourmet indoor one that can be manned by the private chef that comes with each booking, and an outdoor one for enjoying a classic barbecue in the fresh air. Either way, you’ll have the option of cooking up food you caught yourself. The crystal clear waters of the harbor are prime for scallop diving and the cabin comes with its own dock, boat, and fishing gear. 

After spending a day diving in the chilly water, you’ll want a way to warm up, and the folks at Naustet Stokkøya thought of that, too. Along with a wood-burning fireplace, there is a fully stocked wet bar. Pour a whiskey, light the fire, and start swappin’ those stories. The sitting area is surrounded by windows and outfitted with cozy seating to let you unwind while taking in views of the water and the mainland beyond.


Once you’re ready to turn in for the night, you can take your pick from one of the elevated loft beds, accessed via a set of winding black perforated steel stairs. One bed cantilevers out of the kitchen while another is perfectly positioned underneath a skylight.

Outside, the cabin continues the all-black minimalist theme. Clad in spruce wood planks that have been treated with linseed oil, the boathouse has a dark hue that complements the rocky shore it’s perched upon. Minimalist geometric wedges of glass cut into the sides to form the windows, which carefully frame views while still providing privacy for the multi-level lofted beds that are staggered throughout the interior. 


Along with the outdoor kitchen and dining area, Naustet Stokkøya comes with an over-the-water hammock for relaxing as well as a hot tub and a sauna. The sauna was built to complement the cabin and is clad in the same linseed oil-treated spruce. The windows are mirrored so no one can see in from the outside, giving you privacy for a traditional naked sauna. 

Due to the remote location, it can be a challenge to get to Naustet Stokkøya but the long journey will be worth the lifetime of memories you’ll make. 

You can book your own stay here. 

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