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A Modular Tiny House Meets Water in the Adventurous Koda Light Float Houseboat


Housing is getting harder to come by in the world’s most crowded cities, leading people to think about dwellings in an all-new way. We’ve seen no shortage of unique tiny homes as people get creative while downsizing. We’ve also seen plenty of impressive houseboats that allow folks access to water in prime real estate areas. What we haven’t seen? A modular structure built on a floating pontoon that can be customized per the owner’s wishes. Want your office on a lake? A mobile pop-up shop that can be ferried along a canal? Kodasema has your solution with the new Koda Light Float.

Based in Estonia, Kodasema is a developer of “mini houses” designed to be mobile, affordable, and customizable. Until now, all of their products followed the typical modular structure blueprint – the footprint of your choice is delivered to your site, installed in about one day, and arrives customized to your needs. But their newest product, KODA Light Float, puts a new twist on this, placing the structure on a pontoon and allowing it to take to the water in stylish fashion.

Working with Top Marine, Kodasema turned their Koda Light model into a seaworthy structure. Sitting on a two-piece pontoon, the Light Float can be moored using the included arched walkway bridge. The oversized pontoon allows for a terrace that surrounds the structure. Lined by glass railings, it’s the perfect spot to set up a bistro set or lounge chairs to enjoy the water views outside.

Inside, the Light Float feels bright and spacious thanks to double height ceilings and one wall made entirely of glass. The interior walls are plywood, making them easily customizable to suit your style. A sitting area faces the wall of glass and opens up to the kitchen which includes a built-in breakfast bar. The bathroom is sparse but typical for tiny houses, offering just a shower and toilet. A full-size sleeping loft faces the glass, allowing for views of the water right from bed.

The best part about KODA Light Float is that your life on the water doesn’t have to come to an end when summer does. Thanks to its high insulation capability, when everyone else is packing up to leave the water behind for winter, you can stay and enjoy the beauty of snowfall on the lake.

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