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This A-Frame Cabin Combines Luxury and Solitude for a Unique Camping Experience Down Under

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Australia may be known for koalas, wine, and that amazing accent, but there is so much more to this picturesque country. With beautiful farmland stretching as far as the eye can see, an A-frame cabin sits alone at the top of a hill, accessed by a winding dirt road. Sitting on the deck, looking out to the land, it’s easy to feel like you are the only one left in the world.

While the word “glamping” may bring to mind fluffy pillows, furry rugs, and over-the-top luxury, the A-frame cabin, known as JR’s Hut, adds just a touch of creature comforts to the typical cabin experience. You won’t be sleeping under the stars, but you will be sure to get the connection to nature that makes you want to go camping in the first place.

Located in Gundagai, New South Wales, JR’s Hut is part of Kimo Estate, a working sheep and cattle farm about two hours west of Canberra. Kimo Estate is known for their luxury accommodations and a stunning wedding venue. From a shearer’s quarters to a three-bedroom worker’s cottage, the lodgings hark back to the property’s history as a pioneer homestead. But with 7,000 acres to spread out on, a stay in JR’s Hut will still feel like you have the place all to yourself.

Designed for Kimo Estate by Anthony Hunt Design and Luke Stanley Architects, JR’s Hut is an off-grid eco-cabin, perfectly situated on the hilltop to allow for 360-degree views of the farm, the Murrumbidgee River flats, and the Kimo Valley. Unlike the other accommodations at Kimo Estate, which provide a sense of community, JR’s Hut was intended to provide a sense of solitude, allowing guests to connect with the land in a unique way.

The hut is fully sustainable, from the eco-friendly construction materials to the solar panel which powers everything. The wood used throughout was locally sourced – a key feature given the property’s remote location. It was also important to the owners of Kimo Estate that the cabin have a strong connection to nature. Inspired by the structure of A-frame tents, the roof “anchors” the hut to the land. The back wall is entirely made of glass, providing stunning views of the landscape from anywhere inside the cabin.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Within the cabin are the bare necessities – a bed, sitting area, writing desk, and bathroom. Although JR’s Hut offers just the basics, there is still a feeling of luxury. The bed is made up with soft linens and a cozy comforter. The seating area features stylish Mid-Century Modern-inspired arm charms and a small wood-burning fireplace. The spa-like bathroom’s glass-enclosed shower has a large window looking out onto the hills. A gourmet, farm-fresh breakfast is offered each morning. And the spacious covered patio provides the perfect spot for contemplating the beauty of the farm.

There’s no television, spotty cell service, and none of the typical distractions of the modern world. It’s simply a serene spot to unwind and take in the stunning Australian countryside.

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