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You’ll Never Have to Pivot a Sofa Again Thanks to Ikea’s Newest Collection

It’s been estimated that by 2050, 68% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. That’s a whole lot of people trying to cram into areas that aren’t easily able to expand in order to accommodate this surge. The only solution is turning larger apartments into smaller studios, obliging people looking to move to the city to get creative with how they live. Luckily, tiny living has been trending for years now and there are endless tips on how to maximize space. However, there’s a dirty little secret they don’t tell you about the tiny living trend — it’s really hard to find furniture that fits. 

If you have ever tried squeezing into an urban apartment, you know what a challenge it is to turn those small spaces into cozy places to call home. Even “apartment-size” sofas are too big for a standard New York City studio. And if you do manage to get a sofa in there (after a lot of pivoting), the idea of moving it out is so daunting it’s easier to just leave that sofa behind when you leave for your next place. Furniture giant Ikea saw the struggle of small space dwellers and created an all new collection of modular, easy-to-move furniture.


Along with living in smaller spaces, urban living often means moving around a lot. This was another consideration for Ikea when designing this new line. The pieces aren’t just modular, they pack up easily to move as often as you do. No need to give up that nomad life, the Råvaror collection has you covered.

The Råvaror collection includes 20 different pieces that can be reconfigured to fit a variety of floor plans. Each piece can be easily assembled and disassembled to make moving a breeze. When packed up, the pieces all neatly fit into their own rolling cart. That same rolling cart becomes extra storage when unpacked, letting you turn it into a wardrobe, pantry, or bookcase. 


Ikea thought of everything when putting together this new collection, right down to the lighting. Råvaror includes a mini kitchen, daybed/sofa, storage boxes that double as side tables, and textiles including cushions, an area rug, and a stylish throw. Råvaror literally means “commodities,” but a better translation is “raw materials” and that’s exactly what Ikea is providing with this new line — the raw materials to furnish your small space. 

Coming in September 2020, the new collection will be here just in time for the wave of people heading for the cities.

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