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FightCamp’s Cyber Monday Deal Is the Only at-Home Workout Routine You Need

Most of us have at some point imagined ourselves in the boxing ring, looking fit and fearsome under the bright lights. With FightCamp and its ongoing Cyber Monday deal, you can make that dream a reality — or, at least a distinct possibility.

Even those who don’t subscribe to movies like Rocky and obsess over fight night classics should consider this. FightCamp offers a creative workout routine for the entire body — one you can do from home with provided gear and to the tune of advice from knowledgeable trainers. It’s a great way to stay healthy and kinetic and you get to pick up a new sport along the way. For Cyber Monday, FightCamp is offering $78 off membership fees with the code BFCM2FREE. It’s the equivalent of a free, two-month trial with the acclaimed program.

FightCamp appeals to all skill levels through a variety of packages. All options include equipment, items like gloves, workout mats, and freestanding bags for punching and kicking. An equal mix of cardio and strength conditioning, the fighter fitness approach offers a balanced workout that’s anything but boring. FightCamp stresses high internal intensity training, a stop-and-go format that models real boxing and keeps your body and mind engaged.

Utilizing tech and efficient workouts, participants get a massive amount of fitness out of even 15-minute sessions. FightCamp’s specially-programmed equipment and app allow you to track your progress as you fine-tune your jabs, kicks, and blocks. You might not become the next Conor McGregor, but you’ll sweat hard, improve stamina, gain strength, and even arm yourself with an improved sense of self-defense.

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The fitness series works around busy schedules and involves both boxing and kickboxing components. There are family-friendly packages that cater to all ages as well as solo routines if it’s just you throwing haymakers. And you can set up show wherever you’re most comfortable, whether that be the garage, living room, backyard, or driveway.

As you track your progress and engage in friendly competition with others via FightCamp’s membership leaderboard, you’ll find yourself sold on the boxer’s regimen. More than simply throwing punches, the FightCamp sessions will improve your speed, reaction time, form, footwork, flexibility, and more. And you’ll get all of that from a single unconventional workout.

It’s a great means of countering the extra eating that comes with the holidays and pivot with the closed gyms of an ongoing pandemic. Like a Peleton spin or Masterclass tutorial, FightCamp brings the session to your home and your screen on your device. So as you peruse Cyber Monday deals on health-minded stuff like dumbbells, bikes, and pull-up bars, look to FightCamp for a new kind of at-home workout.

Boxing is not just the stuff of heavyweight champions. It’s a crafty way to keep trim or work off some pounds. And it’s decidedly more interesting than your average jog or your run-of-the-mill set of push-ups and sit-ups. Shoot, FightClub might even become your favorite new healthy hobby. Now you have no excuse to at least entertain the Rocky fantasy. Your body will thank you for it.

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