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Bruce Willis’ $13 Million Country Estate Is For Sale

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Butch Coolidge and Korben Dallas would never live in a bucolic country estate in Bedford Corners, New York, which is why it’s so shocking that action movie superstar Bruce Willis did. The picturesque pastoral escape must have bored the hell out of the German-born Die Hard actor, since he listed the 22.60-acre home at 340 Croton Lake Road for sale at $12,950,000.

The WSJ says Willis and his wife Emma Heming are seeking sunnier pastures with a move to the west coast to be closer to family. Maybe he’ll buy Nicolas Cage’s mansion in San Francisco? (Just don’t forget your gold watch, Bruno.)

The property for sale in Westchester County sits 40 miles north of NYC on two tax lots and technically consists of three houses, a “staff house,” and 12 total bedrooms.

The yearly real estate tax alone is $180,863.

Why Willis needed all this space is beyond us, seeing as he’s only got five kids (all daughters), and only two are young enough to be living with their ‘rents.

The main house has three levels, five bedrooms, a library, two-car garage, awesome tower room, kid’s gym, wine room, gaming room, and regular adult gym. The second house dubbed the “George Washington,” has a library, wine cellar, and three upstairs bedrooms. Oh, and we forgot there’s an office house as well. And three bedrooms bigger than our apartments.

Welcome to the party, pal.

A long walk around the property — which looks like it’s situated beside the Bird Box river — also encompasses a salt-water pool, tennis court, vegetable garden, additional detached two-car garage, and then another three-car garage. Because he’s Bruce m’fing Willis (and yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie).

So if you’re a father of 12 in need of a new secluded property where you and your spawn can relax in antique farmhouse fashion, we say shell out that $13 million and lock down this spot.

Honestly, the more we explore the more we’d be very into living in the swank domain of the baddest bald dude in Hollywood. The interior design blends rustic sensibilities with an organic modern edge, plenty of open space, views of the water, and state-of-the-art audio and video security.

Add to that climate-controlled cellars, multiple fireplaces, a cabana lounge near the pool, and an overall craftsman appearance and yeah, I guess we can see Coolidge and Dallas ditching their gruff, urban setting for this wooded retreat.

Save a room for Samuel L. Jackson if he wants to visit.

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