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Shoot High Quality Time Lapse Video With the Brinno TLC200 PRO

brinno tlc200 pro
When Brinno’s customers asked for an HDR time lapse video camera after purchasing the TLC200 model, the electronics company listened.

“A great  many of them emailed and phoned us and suggested features and functionality for a follow on camera,” said Chris Adams,  president and founder of Phase 3 Systems, Brinno’s distributor for the Americas. “Better low light image quality, better image quality period, faster capture rates, optional lenses, and on and on.”

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Brinno recently introduced the TLC200 PRO, an HDR time-lapse video camera with so many capabilities that the possibilities are endless. The company decided to keep the basic design of the TLC200, but since the TLC200 PRO is higher end, they stepped up its look a bit, giving it a black matte exterior to compete with similar video cameras. The TLC200 PRO features a high performance High Dynamic Range image sensor, so that images will be crisp even with strong light. In addition, it has a 120 rotating lens, and an f 2.0 Aspherical Glass Lens for optimum low light shooting.

The company took its time in designing the camera to make sure they could get it perfect. “We had guys crossing the country on foot,  bikes, motorcycles and cars, who wanted to record it,” said Adams. “We had moms recording parties and graduations.  We had kids and charities recording fund raising events, we had such a variety of users that it actually delayed it slightly, we wanted to cover as much as possible.”

One of the greatest advantages of the TLC200 PRO is that, according to Adams, “It is designed to sit and take photos for months, not like a $1000 Nikon or a cell phone camera, so the batteries will last up to 270,000 photos. Nothing else does this.” On top of that the camera can see through both dim lighting conditions and bright light. Also, it’s so small that you won’t even notice that it’s tucked away in your bag, whether you’re hiking a mountain or going to a wedding.

The Brinno TLC200 PRO has so many uses that it’s only been shipping for 10 days and customers have already emailed the company with an endless list of things they have been shooting, including all the garage and pit activity of Level 5 Motor Sports at Le Mans; NASA activities in Cape Kennedy; a climb to Mt. Everest; and each day of a pregnancy. What will you use the TLC200 PRO for?

The Brinno TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Video Camera, $299.99 at

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