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B&O’s new portable speaker begs audiophiles to believe in Bluetooth

bos new portable speaker bluetooth beoplay a2
If you’ve been skeptical about sacrificing performance and style in a portable speaker, your worries may be over thanks to the premium audio specialists at Bang & Olufsen. The Danish-based company recently pulled the tarp off of its latest creation, the elegant yet surprisingly powerful new Beoplay A2 portable Bluetooth speaker.

The A2 is B&O’s first offering into the extremely competitive Bluetooth speaker market, and as such, the company has gone big in more ways than one. While the speaker’s minimalist design is slim as a hardback book, it measures over 10-inches across and 5.6-inches high. That makes it just trim enough to tag along on your sonic adventures, but it will require a bag, rather than a pocket. And with a copious 24 hours of claimed playback time, the A2 touts one of the longest running Bluetooth speaker batteries you can buy.

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And that’s just for starters. The A2 carries only 2.4 pounds, but B&O has loaded it with a potent arsenal of components, including a claimed 180 watts of peak power from dual class D amplifiers, dual 3-inch midrange drivers, and dual .75-inch tweeters. The company also added a pair of 3-inch passive radiators, which help the speaker reach a claimed 55Hz in the bass, topping out at 20kHz in the treble. The driver sets are also divided between both sides of the speaker to offer what B&O calls “True360” sound.

B&O’s creations are notoriously pleasing to the eye as well as the ear, and the A2 is no exception, crafted from extruded aluminum, and adorned with a strap of premium leather for a premium look, and better portability. The speaker comes in your choice of black, green, and grey.

The A2 is big in one other category, as well: the price. At $400, it’s one of the most expensive speakers on the market. Still, while that may be a detraction for some, we’re hoping this new premium offering can help make portable sound a richer experience in more ways than just dollar signs. The A2 is expected to be available soon, and you can sign up at B&O’s website to be notified when it’s ready to ship.

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