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Amazon’s Audible Cyber Monday Deal is Best Gift for Book Lovers

Happy Monday! No, wait, happy CYBER Monday! That gives us all much more reason to be excited for the notoriously despised day of the week. If you’ve been keeping up with all the great deals today, you’ve probably been watching Amazon closely. They’ve got all sorts of sales going on for techies, from laptops to subscriptions. One fantastic subscription deal right now is an Audible subscription for $5 per month for the first six months, which is a savings of $3 per month.

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For those of you new to the audiobook world, Audible is a subscription-based app where you get access to thousands of book titles. They have audio versions of books ranging from NY Times bestsellers to lesser-known titles. Whether it’s self-help, a new autobiography of someone you admire, or a thrilling murder-mystery, they have it all. They also feature hundreds of Audible Originals that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We challenge you to think of a book they don’t have an audio version of. We bet you’ll have a hard time coming up with a title or author they don’t have.

Is Audible Worth It?

We love Audible because of one simple truth, we are all super busy. We’d all love to read more. There’s not one among us that doesn’t have a long list of books they’ve been meaning to read for years but just couldn’t find the time. Well, thanks to modern technology and Audible, now you can. Simply pop in your headphones while you’re commuting to work, walking the dog, or on the old exercise bike, and you’ll knock-out that list in no time. It’s a great way to relieve stress, to learn something new, or have a laugh. Don’t worry about keeping track of your place in the book. The app that’s available for iOS and Android does it for you.

Suppose you don’t have the attention-span to power through a full audiobook. In that case, Audible also has tons of ad-free popular podcasts and original, exclusive series. They’ve even got soothing sleep sounds that will help you sleep like a baby. Speaking of babies, kids love Audible too! They have a vast selection of children’s titles that are brought to life by skilled voice actors. If these aren’t enough reasons to join Audible, they’ve also got a massive selection of titles in almost every language. So if you’re trying to hone your Spanish speaking, or need a gift for your Chinese-speaking grandma, this is the answer.

So, this Cyber Monday, give the gift of audio-literature to yourself and a loved one for the holidays. You’re probably already tired from all of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. There’s no better way to unwind than a nice cold (or warm) beverage and your favorite book-read to you!

Looking for other great streaming deals? Hulu is offering a limited-time offer for Cyber Monday as well.

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