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Don’t Miss This Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deal — Only $110

Kindles are at the top of many holiday wish lists in 2022, so lots of people have been waiting for the best Amazon Kindle Black Friday deal to come along. Fortunately, as part of the Amazon Black Friday deals, they’ve heavily discounted the price of this beloved e-book reader. The Kindle is bound to be one of the most in-demand devices during this time of the year, so make sure to pick one up as soon as you can.

Today’s Best Amazon Kindle Black Friday Deal

Kindle on Table with Dead Devices

Why Buy

  • Extremely long battery life that lasts for weeks at a time
  • Glare-free display with a built-in adjustable light for night reading
  • Access to thousands of titles with an extensive selection on Kindle-compatible books on Amazon
  • Compatibility with audiobooks through Audible library and Bluetooth headphones

The Kindle is one of the most beloved e-book readers, and for good reason. At less than the price of some premium book box sets, you get a device that lets you store thousands of titles, yet can fit into a purse. Right now, you can pick up a non-ad-supported Kindle with a built-in front light for just $$110. Keep reading to learn more about why you should pick up this e-book reader for yourself.

Whether you’re an avid bookworm or are just starting to read again, picking up a Kindle is an excellent way to start reading more. The first thing that sticks out is the screen, which is a beautiful 167 PPI glare-free display that looks similar to real paper and is easy on the eyes. The 8GB storage can fit thousands of books at a time, and you can also pick up a Kindle Unlimited subscription to give you instant access to a massive library, or even listen to books with an Audible account and a pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can pick up a book at any time of the day and for weeks at a time thanks to the low battery consumption and adjustable brightness. You can even look at a dictionary, highlight passages, and adjust the look of the text.

Not sure what books to start reading? Amazon’s Kindle library is extremely comprehensive, with nearly every single title being just a quick download away so you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy. A good place to start is with our list of the best books, which contains gems like Klara and the Sun, a novel from Nobel Prize-winner Kazuo Ishiguro. If you prefer to explore more established literary works, you should check out our compilation of the best classic books that every man should read. More of a genre fan? Don’t worry, the Kindle library also has some of the best sci-fi books and the best fantasy books.

It’s never too late to fall in love with reading again, especially because the Kindle makes it so easy to pick up a book. You can get a Kindle on Amazon for just $110. If you want to go on a big reading binge over the holidays, this is the perfect way to get started. Hit that “Buy Now” button and start your reading journey right away, before all these devices get snatched up.

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