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This Electric Scooter Just Got a $100 Price Cut for Cyber Monday

There are more standard ways of transport, and then there’s the chance to score this Cyber Monday electric scooter deal and really upgrade the way you get around. One of the great things about Cyber Monday is the wide variety of deals out there in every single category, many of which can ramp up your life with ease and efficiency from the very day you start using them. That’s the case with this Cyber Monday electric scooter deal from Walmart, which knocks $101 off the purchase price of the GOTRAX Apex Adult Electric Scooter ($299, versus $400). For those keeping score at home, that’s one of the best Walmart Cyber Monday deals to shop now.

Today’s Best Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Deal 

Why Buy: 

  • The flagship scooter from the GOTRAX line, with the specs to match
  • Long-lasting battery life, up to 15 miles
  • Quick recharging time of four hours
  • Ability to carry riders up to 220 pounds at speeds of 15.5 MPH

Electric scooters are becoming an ever-more popular way to get around cities big and small, providing speed and ease of use while reducing pollution from traveling via bus or automobile. And while there are programs that allow you to rent a scooter and pay by various installments of time or distance, we think the most efficient way to get around is to buy your very own electric scooter. And if you’ve never used an electric scooter before or thought about owning one, what better way to dip your toes into this effective and efficient mode of transportation than with a deal on Cyber Monday?

You’re saving money on the flagship scooter from the GOTRAX line, done up in a cool bright red so you stand out as you zip around the city. But you’re getting plenty of value beyond that. This is the second iteration of this scooter, featuring all-around improvements in the areas you need it the most. That includes a brighter headlight and an improved display for maximum versatility, delivering the info you need on range and speed.

You also needn’t worry about this scooter giving out on you, because the 36V 6.0 aH battery is geared for maximum life and recharges quickly (four hours, to be precise). Scooters are also a solid pickup if you want to change things up from a bike, and they can be a simple and fun way to get around your neighborhood, too. The benefits of shopping this electric scooter Cyber Monday deal are nearly endless.

We also love the easily visible red color, a small touch that makes a big difference when zipping around crowded or dark streets. The 15-mile range is also a huge bonus, as that provides more than enough distance for you to get to point A and back, and then somewhere else. Having flexibility is key when trying to save time, and this scooter is a big upgrade (speed-wise) over a bike while proving more sustainable than a car. It’s also a great way to get around crowded locales.

And best of all is the fact that this scooter is on sale for $299, which is over $100 off (although it’d be a wise purchase the rest of the time, too).

When Does This Cyber Monday Electric Scooter Deal End?

The clock is ticking on this excellent Cyber Monday electric scooter deal at Walmart, to say the very least. Deals like these don’t come around very often, especially a deal that gives you the chance to get 25% off a trusted, fun, and high-quality mode of transportation. Our best advice? Shop this Cyber Monday deal right now before it sells out to save some cash and find a whole new way to get around town.

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