The Best Black Friday Snowboard Deals for 2020

There might never have been a better year to run for the hills (or mountaintops). Mountain sports are fun and exhilarating and they keep you outdoors and for the most part socially distanced, too, with that ski lift or gondola being the possible exception. But hey, the mask you wear to stay safe from COVID-19 will handily keep your face warmer, too, to it’s all silver linings over here. Before you can hit the slopes, you will go course need some trusted hardware you can strap to your boots that will help you make the most of the snow. The best way to enjoy said white stuff is with an elusive deal on a snowboard Black Friday sales make pleasantly affordable.

Whether you’re looking for a snowboard that will make a great gift for a friend or family member (and who doesn’t need a great gift in 2020) or you want to score a deal on one of the best snowboard brands for yourself, shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on mountain sport hardware is the way to go. And while you’re at it, don’t stop with a new snowboard alone: Instead, cruise the pow in steel with some great ski gear that will have you looking great while also keeping warm and safe. There’s a ton of great mountain apparel and equipment that will sell for rock bottom prices from your favorite retailers, from Backcountry to this little place you might have heard of called Amazon.

Best Black Friday Snowboard Deals

Black Friday deals on snowboards (and just about everything else) are as dynamic as a gnar terrain park, so you can expect new deals to pop up and great opportunities to ride off into haze, so don’t wait too long to make your move. We’ve rounded up some of the best early holiday snowboard deals are and we’ll keep the list as fresh as fresh-fallen snow, but once a board deal bails, that’s it, buddy.

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Snowboard and Gear on Sale at The House

Up to 80% off

This upcoming sale, get the best snowboarding experience for the winter, be it as a beginner or a pro, when you equip yourself with amazing snowboards and gear from Rossignol, Anon, Nitro, and more!
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Snowboards And Gear for Sale at Burton

Up to 20% off

Get snowboards and other additional gear from Burton for much more affordable prices this Black Friday!
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Salomon Oh Yeah Snowboard

$310 $350
The Oh Yeah women's snowboard from Salomon boasts the Rock Out Camber technology, which features a camber near the feet for responsiveness and a rocker on tip and tail for pressability.
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Rossignol Sawblade Snowboard

$260 $380
Rip and shred through even the thickest snow cover with this Rossignol snowboard and its true twin tip shape.
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5th Element Grid Snowboard

$150 $250
If your looking to quickly progress your snowboarding skills, let the shape and built of this 5th Element allow you to gradually hone them, even when you make mistakes.
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Weston Snowboards Riva Splitboard

$384 $549
For all the girls out there who love to shred, the Riva splitboard is one of the best equipment since it has a built-in Karakoram Ultra Clips for excellent compression even as the board ages.
Expires soon

Gentemstick Barracuda Snowboard


Dive into the deep snow and unpredictable terrain with no hassle thanks to the key designs of this Gentemstick Snowboard.
Expires soon

Flow Merc Snowboard 2018

$275 $360
Need to go wild and robust this ski season? Let this Flow Merc snowboard glide you through the ski slopes with amazing speed and versatility while also keeping you safe and stable.
Expires soon

Ride Men's Machete Snowboard

$270 $450
Durable for even the roughest of glides and most unpredictable of terrains, the Machete Snowboard is perfect for the most experienced of snowboarders.
Expires soon

Marhar Men's Archaic Snowboard

$234 $499
Made for the veteran snowgliders, this snowboard will help you charge through the deepest of snow and endure the toughest of natural elements.
Expires soon

Rossignol XV Sashimi LG White Label Snowboard

$350 $600
Ride the snow-capped mountain ranges the way Xavier de Le Rue does with this Rossignol snowboard that makes your glides the gnarliest ever.
Expires soon

Chamonix Chemin Snowboard

$247 $380
Charge through tough slopes and carve deep snow paths with Charmonix's Chemin snowboard, living up to its French name through its Powder Profile camber.
Expires soon

Never Summer Men's Heritage Snowboard

$413 $590
Go old school as Never Summer Men's Heritage Snowboard makes a stunning comeback. Its rocker camber shape make it perfect for the expert snowboarders,
Expires soon

Never Summer Men's Ripsaw Snowboard

$385 $550
Cut through the seemingly unpassable snow and unpredictable terrain with this sharply crafted ripsaw snowboard by Never Summer,
Expires soon

GNU Men's Carbon Credit Snowboard

$294 $420
Experience its cutting-edge technology and high-quality craftsmanship as you glide the snowy mountain slopes with ease thanks to its asymmetrical shape and serrated edges.
Expires soon

Snoplanks Barrel Chaser Snowboard


Go for the aggressive, swift but effortless glide into the snowy slopes with the help of this Snoplanks snowboard and its wider wing design.
Expires soon

Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard

$250 $450
For all the ladies out there, the Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard is that you need for a ride on any terrain. With its Versatile AmpTek all-mountain rocker, you'll have no problems using this anywhere.
Expires soon

Rome Mountain Division Snowboard

$372 $620
A true master of snowboarding needs a snowboard that helps him float even the deepest of snow cover, and this one is excellent for such veteran.
Expires soon

YES Optimistic Snowboard (Closeout)


Look at the bright side; this YES Optimistic Snowboard will offer your stability against those aggressive and powerful turns and curves as you ride the snow with style and ease.
Expires soon

Chamonix Dolent Snowboard

$266 $410
Challenge your snowboarding skills with the help of Charmonix's The Dolent and its excellent structure built for smooth surfing control.
Expires soon

Niche Sonnet

$423 $529
With a stiff flex and a setback stance, the Niche Sonnet women's snowboard is one that can go through any terrain easily. It has a core made of lightweight yet durable wood.
Expires soon

5th Element Forge Snowboard

$150 $250
Find ease and stability in your first attempts to carve through the snow with this lightweight, well-crafted and versatile snowboard by 5th Element.
Expires soon

GNU B-Nice Snowboard

$294 $420
The GNU B-Nice Snowboard for women has an ergonomic design that helps reduce fatigue and offers progressive performance throughout the entire mountain under any terrain conditions.
Expires soon

K2 Men's Afterblack Snowboard

$301 $430
Feel a glide as smooth as butter down the slopes and experience a jump as high as the skies with the help of this K2 Men's snowboard.
Expires soon

Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard

$360 $500
A snowboard like this is all you need to surf those snowy slopes playfully and wildly thanks to its rigid stability and enhanced jibability
Expires soon

Bataleon Goliath

$440 $550
Agility, precision, and power? You'll get it all on Bataleon's Goliath snowboard! It is all thanks to its Triple Base Technology, which combines the advantages of camber and rocker in one snowboard.
Expires soon

Arbor Element Camber Snowboard

$380 $420
Made with outstanding craftsmanship, the Arbor Element Camber snowboard is for those who want a great ride. And with its camber system, you'll only get the optimal performance from the snowboard.
Expires soon

Chamonix Motivon Snowboard

$219 $330
Make your snowboarding experience look and feel like your riding ocean waves with Charmonix's snowboard whose shape is ideal for gliding through thick snow cover.
Expires soon

5th Element Forge - WIDE Snowboard

$150 $250
Just because you're just starting to learn snowboarding doesn't mean it doesn't have to be fun. With this snowboard, you can keep practicing your skills and shred through the snow at the same time.
Expires soon

Salomon The Villain

$336 $480
The Salomon The Villain snowboard for men is a true-twin that has a perfect flex for locking into presses and rails. It also features the Rock Out Camber technology for optimal park performance.

How to Choose a Snowboard During Black Friday Sales

Sure, Black Friday deals are all about the money, but getting a great deal on a board that’s all wrong for you is anything but crunchy. If you’re already a seasoned rider, then you know what you’re looking at and let the price tag be the deciding factor. If you’re newer to boarding, you need to take some time to choose the right hardware. And make sure you have a good snowboard helmet, snowboard goggles, parka, snowboard pants, and ski gloves before you hit the slopes, too: only a full kit from head to toe will make for fun that’s safe, too.

If you are all about cruising downhill with a jump or two thrown in once you’re comfy riding, get an all-mountain snowboard, which is designed for slopes, moguls, some woods, and light tricks. If you want to jump off of and slide over everything you see, go with a freestyle board. And if you want to go deep into the backcountry pow and bowls, consider a powder board with a directional shape and plenty of surface area.

Next, make sure you carefully consider the size of your prospective board. Boards are sized based on rider weight, not height, so a few reference points: a 120-pound rider would want about a 150 CM board. A 160-pound guy needs about a 160 CM snowboard. And a 200-pound fellah needs a 165 CM board for proper support and weight displacement. As for width, if you wear a shoe that’s size 11 or bigger, get a wide board. Size 10 and under, a standard width is all good.

Oh and speaking of shoe size, make sure you get great snowboard boots, too.

Where to Find the Best Snowboard Sales

Whether you prefer skiing or snowboarding, there’s no need for “busting” down retail shop doors this year; the best snowboard deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all online. Here are five places you’ll definitely want to look for ’em:

Back CountryA trusted retailer for all things outdoors with a sweet spot for mountain gear, these guys are crushing it with deals this year, including on boards.

REIYou can always trust REI to have great stuff. And you can trust them to have great deals on snowboards right now.

AmazonFrom beginner boards for kids more akin to toys to some serious mountain hardware, Amazon has it, and it usually ships free.

The HouseThese guys have been in the sporting goods business for three decades and stock top quality brands.

MoosejawDuring holiday sales, you can score up to 50% off many snowboards at Moosejaw, and in a few cases even more than 50%.

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