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This Electric Scooter is Only $180 at Walmart for Black Friday 2022 — Save $100

One of the best Black Friday deals we’ve seen in a while has arrived: an incredible $100 discount on the GOTRAX G3 Commuting Electric Scooter, dropping from $400 to only $298″][/cc-link]an incredible $100 discount on the Gotrax G3 Commuting Electric Scooter, dropping from $400 to only $298. Like most of the seriously cheap Black Friday scooter deals we’ve seen, there’s going to be a limited supply of these scooters, so they’ll sell out fast. There’s a chance this discount won’t even last until the end of the day, so you need to act fast to get a quarter of the retail price off of this sleek set of wheels for your urban commute.

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Gotrax G3 Commuting Electric Scooter

Why Buy:

  • High capacity 36-volt battery with a travel range of up to 18 miles
  • High power 350-watt motor
  • Multifunctional LED console displays speed, battery life, speed mode, and mileage
  • Wide deck, anti-slip pedal, and cruise control for comfortable ride
  • Enhanced safety features

Right now, you can grab this rangy and energy-efficient GOTRAX G3 Commuting Electric Scooter for only $298 with free shipping — a whopping $102 off the normal price! This is a stellar deal for the long-range G3 electric commuter released just last year. Its aluminum alloy, black bars, and deck are set off by the white Gotrax logo along its front and red water bottle and locking clips at the top and back of the bike.

A 350-watt motor offers enough steam to roll along at 15.5 miles per hour (with a max load of 220 pounds). The battery-powered engine features enough power to climb up steep, 15-degree hills with ease, making your commute easy and outdoor breezy. Two gears allow you to shift down if you need more push and shift up for more speed (first gear up to nine miles per hour and second, 15.5).

This is a comfy ride on rough and even bumpy terrain with front and rear wheels that are surrounded by 8.5-inch pneumatic tires. Keep track of your speed with GOTRAX’s multifunctional console that features an LED display that will also show battery life, speed mode, and mileage. You can even kick in cruise control for easy coasting and push assist mode for an easier daily commute.

An LED headlight and rear braking red LED light ensure safe night rides and the G3’s safe braking system ensures quick and secure stoppage. This includes rear disc braking and an anti-lock braking system that enables responsive braking while at top speed.

Like the best electric bikes, the G3 gives users a greener commute and an adventurous way to begin and end the day. In addition to its interactive digital display and headlight and disc-braking to ensure your safety, a smart battery management system makes sure that you’ve got enough juice to get where you need to go with long-lived power.

Normally, you’d have to lay out $400 for the Gotrax G3 electric scooter, but thanks to Walmart’s crazy Black Friday deal, the retailer has knocked $102 off the price today. That means you can order it for $298 today and have it at your door by Tuesday, Nov. 30. But you need to act now because this price and these scooters won’t last long.

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